Case Study on BASF

BASF Case Study:

BASF is a German chemical company which has its headquarters in Ludwigshafen.

BASF is known to be the largest chemical company in the world and the choice of its production is enormous. The company produces chemicals serving for various purposes: from plastic products, dyes, cosmetics and food supplements to building chemicals, fertilizers, chemicals protecting crop’s growing and oil and gas exploration and production. The name of the company has changed many times, because it started its activity as a soda producer and with the run of time the choice of production increased. The activity of the company started in the second half of the 19th century with the massive development of the chemical industry. When a new element or substance was discovered, it was produced massively and numerous chemical companies appeared.

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BASF at first worked in Baden but the local government started to fear that the factory would pollute the town’s air and water and the factory was moved to Ludwigshafen in order to save the prestige and touristic attractiveness of Baden. The factory was the main factor of the development of the town, because with its establishment the town reached rapid economic growth. Till the beginning of the 20th century more than 500 patents belonged to BASF because its experts managed to discover new and new dyes and substances. In 1926 the company invented its first fertilizer and it brought enormous success to it. From 1925 to 1952 BASF belonged to the German company IG Farben and in 1969 the company purchased 100% of shares of Wintershall, the greatest producer of the gas in Central Europe.BASF is a successful German company which can be called the most well-known producer of chemicals in the world.

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