Whirlpool Case Study

Whirlpool Case Study:

The Whirlpool corporation is one of the biggest American multinational corporations which focus on the production of home appliances. The corporation was established in 1911 and since that time it has been experiencing rapid development. Whirlpool has billions of dollars of the annual income and belongs to the top 500 successful companies of the world.

The corporation has its research centres all over the world and produces appliances for the local areas.Whirlpool has purchased a great number of other similar companies and now it plans to purchase Electrolux and become the biggest corporation on the market of home appliances producing all possible devices which can be required at home. Whirlpool continues acquiring new and new smaller companies and is going to expand the Asian market.The corporation is not only famous for its production but for its charity activity. Being extremely rich and influential American corporation it donates money into the cheap affordable housing as there is a serious problem with it not only in the USA but all over the world. Furthermore, it donates millions of dollars to cope with the consequences of various natural catastrophes, like Hurricane Katrina, etc.

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Naturally, like every multinational corporation Whirlpool has experienced numerous conflicts and critics, which are generally connected with the closure of some of its plants and their opening in other areas and the loss of job by thousands of people.Whirlpool is one of the successful American corporations and is worth student’s attention. In order to prepare a good case study on Whirlpool one should collect information about the history and the activity of the corporation and evaluate it professionally. After that it is possible to research the direct problem on the case on Whirlpool and draw the objective conclusions on the basis of the research. The student is expected to research the case site and learn about the case on Whirlpool as much as possible. One should focus his attention on the cause of the problem and the details of its effect which can be very important for the presentation of the right solutions to the case.

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