Case study on Bata

Beta opened its first Cyprus store in Larch as early as 1924, through a local distributor. In 1952 Beta (Cyprus) Ltd was incorporated and started its own operations.

The company at present employees 60 people and its retail network of 26 stores is divided into three unique concepts namely Beta City Boutiques, Beta Family Stores and Athletes World Stores. Objective Instantly showcase the new collections to customers, provide sizes and prices and instant feedback on stock availability. Bat’s other goal was to utilize new immunization channels to connect and engage with customers In order to create a social connection with customers.

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Approach Beta Cyprus decided to use a Faceable page as a marketing platform because they recognized it is an important channel for them since there are more than 500 000 Cypriot on Faceable. The Company launched the page with a coupons application where a 20% discount was given to members of the page.

As a second step Beta Cyprus launched a sweepstakes competition and offered a discount voucher to any member of the page that would fill in the friends list form. This allowed Beta to collect valuable personal contact data regarding its pages members that members volunteered..

Before the Christmas shopping season the company rewarded Faceable fans by offering free nutrition and personal training advise for three days via an application. Members of the page could ask their question and nutrition and training experts replied on behalf of Beta Cyprus.

This actively Increased the engagement rate of the page and the “word of mouse” advertisement on Faceable. Satisfied with the brand awareness exposure achieved, Beta Cyprus then proceeded tit a photo upload competition where Shoe Lovers uploaded their favorite shoe and invited their friends to vote for it.

Having the members inviting their friends further boosted the page activity and made the brand name go viral on Faceable. In between the activities mentioned previously Beta Cyprus used the page to inform the members for special discounts, fashion news, and shoe tips. More important, Beta Cyprus uploaded the new collection arrivals in photo albums and informed customers about price, size, and color availability.

Results Beta Cyprus managed to reach up to 92 887 Faceable members with Its messages In total. 6 1 56 was by paid advertising, 23 496 was viral and 3 235 was organic. At the moment Beta Cyprus Faceable page has 5 892 members with which It can engage on an ongoing basis and inform potential customers about new collections and special B clays Beta Cyprus Ana 40 U total Impressions AT stories peduncles Day a friend about Page by story type. (Total Count) During its eight months of presence on Faceable, Beta gathered data about its clients, answered questions about prices and sizes of products, and received feedback about which item is the most liked and which is not.

The Future Beta Cyprus will continue to use Faceable channel to showcase new collection arrivals and offer to its members. In addition, it will use Faceable Adverts to communicate with potential customers on Faceable regarding new offers or coupons.

Finally, Beta Cyprus will use applications to offer coupons and sweepstakes as well as free advice sessions to create a community around its brand name and establish the brand name as the shoe leader of the Cypriot market.