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Only 2% of human diseases are recorded Inside of the animal kingdom. Everyone, whether they are for or against animal testing, are very biased about their Ideas but I will also tell you about the valuable things that are generated from animal testing. Many things such as cleaners, pesticides, and herbicides are tested on animals to make sure they are safe as well. There are many different kinds of tests for different things.

For example dogs are used for cardiovascular work. Now let’s move on to all of the awful things coming from animal testing.

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I feel that animal testing is definitely giving us information but it is not worth it for all the pain the animals are experiencing. Some of the animals are not properly anesthetized. In fact, almost ten percent aren’t and 9% of the ones who are die.

Believe that these laboratories are not using the animals to the full extent anyway because all of the drugs that pass through animal testing either harm or kill humans 61% of the time. Is that the kind of results that should be coming out of this, especially since 33 animals die In a laboratory every second?

Some scientists even will say that they believe that rats and mice don’t matter because they don’t live very long anyway, but I believe that they shouldn’t take what little life they have away from them. We can not be completely sure if animal testing is very efficient either because 83% of tested products are found to be metabolize differently with humans and animals. Also a group of scientists tested on animals to see if they got lung cancer from smoking and they didn’t, so is it safe to use them for our tests.

It is also proven that cats are allergic to David.

Animals also generate high levels of depression and stress from being contained inside of small cages. Did you know that 5 to 25 % of all drugs that come from animal tests that pass and then are later found to be bad are thrown away. Is It really fair for the animals if they have to give their lives and then we Just throw away everything that comes out of It? A lot of scientists have come to the conclusion that animal testing Is outdated anyway and they should consider more modern testing.

They believe that we should be looking more Into computer programs especially since you don’t have to wait nearly as long for results and it is much canapés. Animals must Tell ten same amount AT plan we unmans 00; some might say otherwise because they don’t understand that the animals may be more intelligent and emotional than it seems.

Most scientists feel that they get better exults and they can be more confident from the amount of data that arrives after a human based test. Even though scientists feel this way I still don’t think that we should allow human tests either.

It is also a proven fact that most scientists who do animal tests have very high levels of guilt and sorrow even though animal facilities work very hard to make sure the scientists don’t become emotionally connected with the animals. Some people, including me, might even say that animals have become the slaves of our generation and we need to fix that. Just because they are inferior doesn’t mean we should pick on them.

In fact you don’t see the smart people in America picking on the dumber or poorer people by subjecting them to tests. About 99% of all physicians have agreed that animal testing has played a great roll in medical advancements.

About 97% of those physicians support animal testing. So if all of these very well educated people believe that we should keep it, should we really get rid of it? After all, animal testing does help us find out answers for our medically related questions without us having to harm humans but we shouldn’t have to harm animals either especially since there are so many alternatives. But that is a big problem for some countries were they feel it is immoral or it has been made illegal to use a drug without it having been tested on an animal.

In some countries they have to be tested on two different types of mammals. Most people who are against animal testing, including me, say that animals are not very much like us internally. The people for animal testing could argue that they mostly Just test the living patterns that occur when taking a certain drug that is being tested instead of going deep into the body where it actually would make a difference. As proof, animal testing has even us cures for Polio, Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Malaria and Mumps.

Don’t get the impression that the humans are selfish and they only use they results for themselves, scientists also use the results for medical advancements on animals.

Also, we probably wouldn’t be able to get as much information without animal testing. I believe that this is true, and computer programs will not give as many results, but they display results more quickly. Therefore, given time, computer programs may be Just as effective. They also argue that the scientists try as hard as they can to make their experiments the least painful as possible.

Many large organizations including a British organization called RD have filed tests to find out about the claims against animal testing and they have found some of them to be false.

Though the information in the above paragraphs give a strong argument I still believe that it should be abolished. I have found animal testing to be cruel and wrong. I hope that you have too, because without the people’s permission animal testing will never be properly stopped. I hope that you will make the right decision so that we can take a step towards establishing a more peaceful America and getting rid of one dreadful thing at a time.