Short Essay about Hunting

Imagine a world where you were hunted because there were too many humans.

Would you be fine with this? Some animal species’ populations are too high, which causes other species population to drop, but this does not mean we should be the the ones to control that. Reasons for this are; most animal species do not have to be hunted in the wild, animals can keep balance themselves, and hunting animals can harm them and cause them immense pain. The first reason to stop hunting animals is that it is unnatural. The Humane Society of the United States states that most hunted species like waterfowl, upland birds, mourning doves, squirrels and raccoons “provide minimal sustenance and do not require population control”. This proves that animals can stay in healthy numbers without hunting.

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Many hunters use population control as an excuse, but if we keep blindly hunting, we might even be the cause of extinction. In nature, animals can balance the population withouthumanhelp. Natural causes of death in animals include; starvation, disease, and natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados. In most cases, the specific animal has a natural predator that keeps the population in balance. The final reason to not hunt animals is that it harms them. Most animals that are hunted have not adapted to the weapons and force we use.

The IDAUSA stated that, “Quick kills are rare, and many animals suffer prolonged, painful deaths when hunters severely injure but fail to kill them”. Most hunters shoot at the face or gut, which as the most painful way for an animal to die. An interesting fact is that six percent of the population hunts. In conclusion, we do not necessarily need to hunt animals for population control. Animals’ population is controlled naturally by natural disasters, and will most likely have natural predators.

The final reason we should not hunt animals is the fact that it causes them immense pain.