Growing Up Narrative Essay

There isn’t one exact definition for growing up.

We never really realize that we’re growing up, it just kind of happens where one minute your toughest decision is picking out the flavor candy you want, to picking a college you want to go to. We wasted our whole childhood wanting to grow up, yet we never really took the time to appreciate it. Time never stops and it will never stop for anyone, you should just live in the moment! Don’t think about the future just let your life take you to where it is suppose to go. Growing up is scary for everyone but thats how life is, there are new changes everyday that could affect who you are in the future. We go through 12 years of schooling just to get accepted into one college that could either lead you into getting a great job or a bad job that you hate for the rest of your life. That is why right now it is so important to enjoy your life and not overthink the future.

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Remember when you were about 5 or 6 years old people would ask, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and we would automatically say, “Professional basketball player!” or ” a celebrity!” because we wouldn’t realize that you can’t just be whatever you want to be when you grow up, you have to work a lot to get there. There are so many fun things about getting older like, driving, college and being able to go out whenever you want without your parents stopping you, but being a child is a different way of fun because you don’t have to worry about college, there is no drama with your friends, you dont care what you look like and really you’re just playing and having fun all day! Why would people want to lose that so fast? Life is full of responsibilities as you get older, when you’re a kid you don’t really have any. Once your childhood ends you’re pressured to grow up. Your friends start wearing makeup, getting boyfriends/girlfriends and communicating through phones and computers. On Christmas morning you will wake up and look under the christmas tree and no presents will be there because you’re grown up, you don’t live with your parents anymore. When you wake up in the morning you won’t smell the homemade pancakes and bacon cooking and filling your home with that warm smell.

It will all be gone before you know it. Nobody said growing up would be easy, its all just one big journey. I hear that there are trade offs all along the way. Some things get better but other things get harder. At this age in my life, as a junior in high school most kids are worrying about college. College is a place where you become yourself, you take on full responsibility of your life.

My brother left for college this year and already I can see that he has changed and everything in his life is different. He has a girlfriend for the first time, he is always involved in things going on at the college and we rarely see him anymore. In a way this worries me because there are so many changes during college and I’m not sure I am ready for the changes in my own life. Part of me wants to held on to what I have. This includes having a room in our house without paying rent, having my parents pay for everything and being included in all of the family changes and plans. Another part of me wants to get my license so I can go places without my parents and to think about having a job so I can get the things that I want.

I want to be able to go on vacations with my friends and even get my own apartment someday. Right now, I really don’t have to worry about having money too much but I guess with the trips and the apartment I will be having to worry about bills etc. My life has been great so far so I guess that I have to trust that everything will turn out ok as I become more independent. I have to trust that going to college, getting a job and a place of my own someday with all feel great when the time comes.