Growing up Free Essay Example

Like everything in life growing up is a process. It doesn’t occur all in one day. It takes time. It is different for every person. Growing up doesn’t just mean getting older.

It isn’t only physical, but also mental. There isn’t one exact definition of growing up. Right now for me growing up is deciding what to do after high school. My parents are asking me “what Do you want to do?” Where do you want to go?”, right now I don’t have exact answers. I can tell them what I think I want to do and where I think I want to go. I have to decide things like, where I want to live.

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This is a part of growing up. I have to move out on my own and make my own decisions. Right now I am scared because I don’t know the answers to these questions, but being scared is another part of growing up. It might be hard, but eventually, everyone has to. No one ever said growing up was easy. It takes patience, time, and hard work.

Growing up is something I have to do for myself. I have to learn how to be self-sufficient. I have to be able to leave home and make it on my own. My parents will help me, but eventually, I have to stop depending on the people around me and do it myself. Growing up is a process that I have just begun.