TV, Entertainment or a Growing Problem?

Our world has become inundated by TV. While this phrase may seem exaggerated, it is true. 99 percent of households possess at least one television, which is on for almost 7 hours a day! Our society centers so much around TV that it is raising our youth.

Children spend an average of 1680 minutes per week and 1500 hours a year watching TV. Because of this poignant fact, 73% of parents have said that they want to limit their child’s TV time. Zealous adults have also corroborated together and attempted to ban shows that would be deemed inappropriate for Kids. This effort proved fruitless. By the age of 18 a person will have seen 200,000 violent acts on TV, and 79% of Americans believe that these garbled messages contribute to real life mayhem.

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The previously phlegmatic TV producers have also been coerced to take up and effort to solve the Television problem. Their answer it to make shows more educational. They are sanguine about their work and think that the comprehensive learning shows, like Dora the Explorer and Go, Diageo GO!, that will teach as well as entertain will be beneficial. They are also looking to make shows that will be beneficial to adults as well. They have created shows that will re-enact historic events, and have provided channels and stations where adults can tune in and hear about the real world. These are small, but necessary steps and although they will not take away from the time spent on TV, it will make said time better spent.

This is exactly what we need.