Importance of Entertainment

Nobody can deny that entertainment in its various forms has become a necessity in every person’s life in our age. To refresh our minds, it is important to engage in some form of entertainment. Through the media, one is able to learn different cultures, be politically, medically, and socially informed, know weather forecasts, watch and learn new music among others. For instance, TV offers local and international news keeping everyone aware of what is happening all over the world, it provides sports channels for sport fanatics, cartoons for the young ones, and soothing music for the music lovers.

Media also provides advices in its articles medical programs (Byrant & Vorderer 12). Media can influence peoples’ lives both in a positive and negative ways. In some cases, families gather together to watch, listen or read a specific program or article that is suitable for all of them. This enhances family unity. Therefore, media is not harmful to the society if properly used (Sayre & King 16).

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However, the influence depends on the morality and conscience of the audience. For instance, Youtube has all forms of entertainment, both good and bad, and it is up to an individual to decide which one he or she wants. Moreover, most TV programs have parental guidance to the audience. Nonetheless, media also enables musicians and other marketers to advertise their products to the public hence reaching many customers in a short time (Al-Asmar). An example is the “Gangnam style video” that has gone viral on YouTube getting millions of viewers in a very short time.

Another example of the positive impact of media is the Jordan River Foundation (JKF); an NGO that uses social media to involve their beneficiaries. The foundation has a Facebook and Twitter account that enables its followers to be aware of the kind of work they are involved in, foe example, child safety and community empowerment.