April 25, 2017 Have you ever gone on a thrilling hunt through the woods, or shot an animal before? If you haven’t it’s a great experience of survival and independent work. Hunting is a great sport to do because it keeps you fit and adventurous. Like all sports it is a blast but expensive and risky.

When hunting out in the woods you will need strong gear to wear, the right type of weapons, and of course the animal. With out a doubt, you will need strong gear to make the trip fun. Gear needs to be tough and warm but light weight to be moveable for hiking. There are so many types of gear you can buy fluffy, camo, tough, and lightweight. Some kind of gear you need are hats, coats, pants, boots, gloves, and snow clothes. Knives and guns are what you need to complete a hunt.

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The type and size of an animal is what determines your size and type of your gun. Shotguns are for waterfowl and a rifles for big game and small game. Rifles are usually equipped with a scope and if not it has a sight. Also a rifle is a semi auto or a single shot as shotguns can be a pump shotgun or a single shot like the rifle. Knives are another weapon you will need for not killing the animal but for skinning, gutting, and cutting waste off the animal.

Even without a tag there are plenty of animals to choose from. Big game, small game and waterfowl are the three main animal groups. In the big game group there are bears, caribou, deer, moose, goat, and sheep. For some of the small game we have certain birds like ptarmigan, or forest animals like fox, martin, grouse, rabbits, wolverine, and squirrels. Shooting every one of these animals isn’t good because that would kill the population so shooting the mature and old is which ones you shoot. For example, that is how animals become distinct.

This information is vital to succeed in hunting. Have you ever bought gear like this before?Do you already have weapons for hunting? Most animals you are able to harvest so you are given a big variety to pick from. With out a doubt, before shooting an animal you can only imagine your heart pumping fast, slow breathing, steading the cross hairs behind the shoulder and pressing the trigger. Watching the animal fall is the best feeling you can experience while tracking wild beasts.