Case Study on Betterplace

Better Place intended to reduce oil dependence by delivering personal transportation to give consumers affordable, sustainable alternative for fossil fuel. (As per the article published on outstretch dated Friday, July 12th, 2013) Now I am going to discuss the possible opportunities and threats and opportunities for starts up like Better Place. As popularity of Auto mobility operator like Better Place is directly related to E-cars. Hence, considering these facts I’m going to discuss opportunities and threats of E-cars as well for making this essay more comprehensive.

Electric vehicles unlike convenient vehicles are known to be very environment friendly.

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Unlike fossil fuel various medium can be chosen to charge E- car battery. For Instance electricity from Nuclear energy, hydro- power or wind mills can be used to charge battery which is comparatively very cheaper than petroleum products . The US government source for fuel economy information states that EVE vehicles emit no tailpipe pollutant although the power plants that produce electricity may emit them.

People these days are aware about environment problems and some philanthropist or a regular consumer with environment awareness would be more than likely to consume e-cars as they are known to be environment friendly. A traditional health impact assessment method in 25 European cities with 39 Million inhabitant showed that present air pollution levels, mainly from vehicles traffic resulted In 19,000 deaths per year.

The Apaches project was funded by SEC. The increase In E-cars would Indirectly help foster Auto Mobility services provider such as Better Place.

The US government source for fuel economy information states that Electric motors provide smooth operation and also requires less maintenance as people are busier and busier. They do not want to waste their time taking their vehicle’s to service taxation time and again and waste dollar bills. Electric vehicles powered by Better Place were also energy efficient. The charge Range for better Place vehicles is (100-160 Miles per charge) which is very beneficial for people who have a minimum daily commute.

An E-car company also receives subsidies and support from government and some non-governmental organization such and united Nations Environment programmer. An electric vehicle also reduces Energy dependence. They can be run from the local energy sources such as BIO gas plant, Windmill energy, hydro power energy and energy produced by Nuclear power. It reduces petroleum dependency from foreign nations as all aforementioned energy sources can be generated Trot country local resources tens Day recalling Torrent dependency Tort petroleum products.

Electric vehicles though it requires minimum parking space as it smaller in size compared to petroleum powered vehicles. As it is evident that parking space has become a major problem in Metropolitan city.

Electric vehicles also solves traffic problem as it is very cozy in size. Better place which was driven with an objective of reducing oil dependency by delivering personal transportation as a sustainable services by building electric- vehicle’s networks powered by renewable energy to give consumer an affordable, sustainable alternative for personal mobility.

Various government are providing subsidy on purchasing E-cars and vans in order to promote E-cars and healthy environment and decrease oil dependency. United Kingdom government is providing grant towards the cost of each electric (plug-in) car or van that consumer buys up to 25% based upon the cost of the vehicles. Similarly the federal government of US in 2008 has spent or guaranteed at least 6. 5 billion in subsidies for electric cars.

Obama government plan guaranteed $3. Billion loans for electric vehicles projects and 2. 4 billion for battery and electric drive component manufacturing.

Despite of abundant benefits of E-cars there are many threats which hinders E-cars manufactures and E-cars batter swapping infrastructure provider sustainable growth. I am going to discuss the possible threats for an auto mobility operator Just like Better place. First the charge Range for Battery Place is Just (100-miles) which sets of consumer from using it as many of them worry about getting stranded.

In addition to that battery cost is also the possible reason why consumers refrain from using electric vehicles. The battery is also very heavier and they take up considerable vehicle’s space.

The seating capacity of Electric Vehicles is also smaller compared to Petrol backed vehicles as it is small and cozy with a minimum seating capacity. It is not going to entice consumer who are looking for spacious car. The Electric vehicle does take a longer time to charge.

The Official U. S government source for fuel economy states that full charging battery can take up to 4 to 8 hours. Even quick charge to 80% can take 30 minutes. The price of Electric cars are also sky rocketing as it is a complete new technology. Presumably, it will take aced for E-car manufacturer to develop e-car at the cost convenient cars.

The convenient cars also possess elegant design which allures consumer in making it their first preference.

In my opinion people also do not trust E-cars as it is still in infancy stage and will take long time evolve. Conclusion Though Sagas tried to revolutionize the idea of Mobility operator by proving charging infrastructure for electric Vehicles by launching battery swapping station in different nations such as Israel, Denmark, Australia, California, Hawaii, china & Japan. It failed to demonstrate the feasibility of its battery swapping station.

Electronic vehicles are still in infancy stage. There are very few electronic vehicles so it would be very difficult for companies like Better place to make the operating cost and further make it scalable. The idea of investing in battery swapping station is not sustainable until the demand for E-cars Skyrockets.

E-cars and subscription services provided by Better Place may be cheaper in the long run but it is very expensive beforehand. Expensive custom robots removing battery didn’t made sense as it soon a nave Touts on developing Improved Eatery technology wanly could De charged faster.