Case study on cafe expresso

I have also highlighted certain points on leadership styles and quality, human resource management counterblasts Ana Doctors, team work Ana working effectively Walt team. The report gives a clear picture on how the company worked together and how the new chief executive Ben Thomson worked in the situation of crisis. Then when the new HER director was appointed what kind of strategies she applied and what kind of new innovative idea she came up with, to encourage and motivate employees. It also discusses what kind of strategic planning she followed and so on.

Strategic participation is very important for HER executives who desire to have increased influence in their company.

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A number of prior studies have suggested a retreat connection between Human resource management and strategic planning (Nun and Localhost, 2012). Leadership is a special quality that not all individual possess. It is a kind of talent that has to be developed. According to Clayton. Et.

Al, (2010, peg. 295), leadership in an organizational role involves establishing a clear vision and sharing that vision with others so that they follow willingly.

In other words, the activity of leading people or a group of people or an organization or the capacity to follow the aim is called as leadership. The report also elaborates on team work and how the entire team in the organization helped the organization to get back its number one position. According to Clayton.

Et. Al, (2010, peg. 650), “team work is difficult part of administration as it involves employees to work together trying their best to work under any situations and circumstances”. In other words, team work is the process of working together collaboratively with a team of people in order to achieve a goal .

The main things that are highlighted in this report is, how did café© espresso prevalence their marketing strategy to get back their number one position back.

According to Darlington and Hall (2011, peg. 7) “Human resource management includes conducting Job, planning the needs, training orienting, communicating, recruiting the right people for right Job”. It was an administrative discipline of engaging and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the organization. The report gives a clear picture of performance management and how did all employees work together to attain the goal. According to Sleekness, Markham.

T. Al (2007), “A work of an employee is to progress towards predetermined goals”. LITERATURE REVIEW Café© Espresso was one of the most leading café© houses and it was also one among pop three players in the café© house. Café© espresso had enjoyed 15 years of advantage of being on number one position. The main drawback which was committed by Café© espresso was that, they being in a dynamic service sector, they did not change their marketing strategy and hence it caused them a problem, because other competitors from coffee world took over their business strategy and hence they had to face a major drawback in the market.

Café© espresso lost its market share. For a company to succeed in the turbulence of today’s business markets, it must never stand still or allow employees mindsets to congeal. This was one of the main mistakes committed by café© espresso. Café© espresso did not patent their company, so that any other companies couldn’t copy their business strategy. (Smith and Day, 2000). Strategic planning in many organizations has never given space for strategic thinking.

However ten planning Is not cement. I nee requirement Tort strategic planning NAS never Eden in demand (Lingerer,2004).

Valuing employees in crucial time and communicating with them can help employee to motivate and reduce tension among employees. It helps building of essential trust and commitment to company. When the company hired a new chief executive Ben Thomson he transformed the entire organizational strategy.

Ben Thomson took over the company’s marketing policy to a new level and helped it to come up with new marketing strategy. In a business there is a leadership style called “transformational leadership” which is essential and effective.

Transformational leaders have ability, skills and integrity by which they encourage people to manage and communicate (College, et. Al, 2011, peg. 141). There are other few styles of leadership that are very famous like, 1 .

Transactional Leadership 2. Autocratic Leadership . Bureaucratic Leadership 4. Charismatic Leadership 1. Transactional Leadership According to College,et.

Al, (2011, peg. ,138), “Transactional Leadership is a leadership style that starts with an idea that, the followers agrees to obey their leader “. In this kind of leadership the leader has all the right towards their employees.

This is such a kind of leadership which is based on management more than a dictator kind of leadership. In this kind of leadership the employees are encouraged by giving incentives, commission etc.

2. Autocratic Leadership According to Darlington,et. Al, (1998, peg. 95), “Autocratic Leadership is a kind of leadership is an extreme kind of leadership where only the leaders have control over their employees”. This kind of leadership is used only in crisis when any kind of complex decisions have to be taken. That permits groups to relate their attention on performing there given tasks and vision, mission.

. Bureaucratic Leadership According Darlington,et. Al (1998,peg. 299), “Bureaucratic leadership is a Style where they work by books, follow procedures and ensure that their people work accordingly’. This can cause resentment when members don’t follow their advice or expertise. 4.

Charismatic Leadership According to College. Et. Al, (2011, peg. 139) “the difference between charismatic and transformational leadership lies between their main intention. The important side of charismatic leaders is that they believe more in self than in teamwork.

In this kind of leadership if leaders take wrong decisions the whole company collapses.

From the above mentioned 4 types of leadership, it can be concluded that, Ben Thomson was a transactional leader. He took up all the important managerial responsibility of the organization and also encouraged his employees simultaneously. We can also call him a charismatic leader, because he came up with certain Ideas AT employing a new global HER won took up ten rills Ana Apple It In an organization, where all the employees agreed to work accordingly and hence they succeeded to achieve their goal.

According to the charismatic style of leadership the main intention was to reintroduce the entire marketing strategy in an organization. Km Patella also can be regarded as transactional and charismatic leader.

She took up risk of giving the opportunity to the store managers to take interview of new candidates and also gave opportunity to selected candidates to work n half-trial basis. According to Sparrow,et. Al (1998, peg. 245), “a magnanimous leader is one who sees that a proper credit is given to all his/her employees”. Km Patella is a magnanimous leader.

This kind of leaders helps the employees to concentrate and grow better day-by-day.

To become famous and take responsibility of failure needs courage that is a hallmark of leadership. According to Darlington, et. Al, (1998,peg. 69), the human resource management is about assurance and attitude, which is carried in business environment.

(Egg: Km Patella took into consideration about the wages and interest of employees). The following few factors are taken in to consideration while discussing about HARM. 1 . Environmental factors 2. Share Holder 3. Human resource strategy 4.

Long-term outcomes. According to Mound. Et. Al, (2001, peg. 71), human resource management has become very popular in western countries.

And also, because of less wages, they had few employees.

So they had to concentrate more on performance management criteria to get back their position, because some where Ben Thomson and Km Patella knew, how to handle and deal with performance management. Hence they were successful. According to Darlington and Hall, (1998, peg. 335), a team can be described as a certain number of individuals working together to achieve a common goal. While performing in an organization the team comes at the beginning and the individual comes later.

All the task that individual member does is regarded as the fulfillment towards the teams goal rather then their individual credibility. In other words, a team can be termed as more psychologically committed to each other to achieve a common target in which all employees are involved and share some amount of responsibility and outcome (College, Greenbrier and Pit’s, 2011, peg. 8). In the case of Café© espresso, Km Patella encouraged the employees of the organization to work in unity. She focused on appointing new partners through window advertising and verbal evidence.

While working in team if people don’t challenge each other they will not be able to work effectively and independently. In a high-functioning team, people enjoy their work because any problem which comes across the team, becomes a challenge to them and hence they enjoy it. So any problem or difficult situation which ever comes across them they take it as a challenge (Lundeberg, 2012). In the case of café© express the loss of market share and the loss of their number one position was one of the main challenges and it was a very difficult situation..

It is believed employees and relationships are at the core of the business success. Hence from the above report we can draw a conclusion that café© espresso was one of the leading café© espresso and due to their stagnant marketing strategy they did not bring in any essential changes in their organization. Hence their marketing strategy remained the same for 15 years. In the mean time, other coffee houses copied their marketing strategies and plans, which affected their market share and hence they cost their position in the market.

Under the active leadership of Ben Thomson and Km Patella, the company undertook many new steps and tried to improve their marketing strategy.

Km Patella being the new HER manager introduced few ideas because of which the company got its position back. Even the employees were encouraged and motivated. Because of above factors, they recaptured their market share to some extent and were able to move to number two positions as the best café© house across the globe. The company made many changes and followed new practices in the area of HARM, teamwork, leadership, and performance management o resolve their problems.

When Ben Thomson and Km Patella worked together as a team they were very successful and hence they enjoyed their work and came up with new strategies, which actually helped the team to achieve their market share and also helped to regain their position in the market.

When Km Patella actually brought up the new policy of making the employees as the business partners this strategy helped directly to the organization because each and every individual would with more interest and enthusiasm because they would feel that somewhere they were also responsible towards the success of the company.

The strategy of feedback from customers Nellie ten organization to develop Ana Improve . Seen also Introduced a coffee program called “coffee master “which enabled the employees to become ambassador. The discount of 30­ded up to motivate the employees in a positive attitude. After the analysis of the case study as a management student I strongly recommend SWSOOTnalysis that is explained below with help of a diagram.