Case Study on Campus Design

Campus Design Case Study:

Campus design is the complex of efforts aimed at the creation of the buildings of the educational institution from the architectural point of view, their decoration and preparation to the public use for the purpose of studying. Every college and university consists of a great number of houses which are often concentrated not far from one another and fulfil the role of classes, halls, libraries, dormitories, laboratories, gyms, canteens, cades, etc.An average campus is provided with everything essential for education and regular life and rest of students. The idea of campus design is to make the buildings of the university suitable for the educational process, improvement of the student’s knowledge, revealing of his potential, etc.

Obviously, every building fulfills the definite function according to its qualities. For example, big buildings are useful for the organization of the lectures for big audience, the smaller buildings often have smaller rooms for the limited number of students who are able to conduct practical assignments and personal tasks there. Moreover, every faculty of the institution is located in the separate building.Dormitories are located not far from the main buildings in order to help students manage their time wisely (one does not have to waste time on getting to the college or university). Campus design can be observed from the architectural point of view. The majority of old universities were build with taste and style and represent the style of the epoch of their creation.

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There are universities which can be called the masterpieces of architecture and they are protected by the national government and often belong to the international architectural heritage.Campus design is the problem which is worth student’s attention, because it is quite interesting to dwell on the peculiarities of the architectural organization of a chosen college or university. When the student is asked to observe a campus design of the selected educational institution, he should learn about every building of the college in order to discover its functions, size, number of rooms and equipment. This detailed information will be useful for the objective and scrupulous analysis of the convenience of the campus’ structure. One should focus on the cause and effect of the problem on campus design and solve the issue in the professional way.The young person is able to prepare a successful case study if she applies the advantages of the Internet into the process of writing.

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