Case Study on Cancer of the Larynx


. Davis is a 65 year old accountant who is divorced and has adult children. He has smoked two packs of cigarettes daily for the last forty years and frequently has three to four cocktails each evening. After several months of complaining of a sore throat and hoarseness, he was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. He is now on the surgical unit after spending two days in ICC following a total laryngeal.

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His assessment reveals vital signs which are: BP 150/90, pulse 94, temperature 99 orally. He has a laryngeal tube in place and is receiving humidified oxygen at 28% per orchestrates collar.

His pulse reading is 92%. He is receiving continuous tube feedings via instigators tube. Two Hemlock drains are noted in the left neck area.

There is a moderate amount of edema in the facial and submariner area on the left side. Mr.. Davis is ambulatory in the room and Is up to the bathroom. What are the six priority problems for this patient? The six priority problems for this patient are Ineffective airway clearance Impaired verbal communication Impaired skin/tissue Integrity Disturbed body image Impaired swallowing/Risk for aspiration Risk for infection

What Is the number one priority problem? What should be Included In the teaching plan for this patient? *Tracheotomy care and looking for signs of Infection.

*Stoma protection: -Avoid swimming, and use care when showering or shaving. -Lean slightly forward and cover the stoma when coughing or sneezing -Wear a stoma guard or loose clothing to cover the stoma -Clean the stoma with mild soap and water. Lubricate the stoma with a non-OLL based ointment as needed. -Increase humidity by using saline In the stoma as Instructed, a bedside humbler, pans of water, and houseplants. Obtain and wear a Medic-Alert racquet and emergency care card for life threatening situations By imagine left side.