Case Study on CCTV

CCTV Case Study:

CCTV is the main national Chinese TV broadcaster and also a broad system of channels of the continental China.

The history of CCTV is quite long, because it started broadcasting in 1958. In 1973 there was the first attempt of the colorful broadcasting three times per week, which made the channel more popular. Since 1985 the channel became the most popular and the broadest TV channel in China. Due to the popularity of the CCTV the company decided to create a range of the related channels for the different categories of people who share the certain definite interests.Today there are 19 TV channels which are the branches of the main CCTV and the most popular of them are the channels which focus on news, economics, business, entertainment, sports, films and the channel which has started broadcasting in HD recently. Furthermore, there are international channels of CCTV which broadcast in different languages: English, Spanish, French and Arabian.

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All in all there are more than ten thousand employees who work for the development of the company in different parts of the world. The audience of CCTV is extremely high and today it counts more than 1.2 billion people. The channel broadcasts not only on the cable and satellite TV but also in the Internet, which makes the excess to the information easier.The assignment to prepare a case study on such a topic is not easy, because one should collect enough data for the research with can be found only in the Internet and certain specialized periodicals. In order to research the work and the history of CCTV one should spend much time and efforts.

When one managed to find out about the channel, he will be able to study and analyze the direct problem on the topic. A case study is generally a certain problem or accident which occurs in the company and a student is supposed to solve this problem professionally to demonstrate knowledge and writing skills. A good case study should include the analysis of the cause of the problem, that is the list of the factors which affected the problem and then one should present the consequences of the problem and provide the professor with wise conclusions.Writing a case study is a difficult assignment, because a student is expected to be aware of the writing process, the structure of the paper and the manner of writing. With the help of the Internet a student can read a free sample case study on CCTV and improve his knowledge on the topic.Moreover, a good free example case study on CCTV is the best model of writing for every student who has problems with formatting and composition of the paper.