Case Study on Cell Signaling

Cell Signaling Case Study:

Cell signaling is a set of mechanisms, with the help of which a cell transforms one type of signals into the other one and coordinates the work of the systems which are responsible for the regular reaction of the cell to the irritant of the natural environment.

Of course, there are other terms which are connected with this process: cell signaling networks, signal transduction, etc. The call’s ability to react to the changes of the outer environment adequately is the major quality which supports the human life, because the human immune system and cell’s homeostasis function due to cell signaling. When the human being has cell signaling disorders, the human suffers from such diseases as cancer and diabetes. Physicists required much time to understand the nature and origin of cancer and similar diseases and it is obvious that if the humanity wants to cure cancer, it has to start form the improvement of the human cell signaling ability. Moreover, the understanding of the cell signaling function is useful in the sphere of the transplantation of cells and organs, because if cells react to the changes correctly, they would accept the transplanted cells and tissues successfully.

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Cell signaling is a rapid process, which lasts milliseconds and involves molecules of proteins. The quantity of proteins and other molecules in the process of the reaction increases if the irritant is very strong. It is natural, that cell signaling is an important ability which maintains the life of the human organism and protects it from the negative impact of the natural environment and diseases caused by viruses and microorganisms.Cell signaling is an important matter for the analysis, because the student learns about the basics of the human immune system which protects the human body from the harmful impact of the environment. The student is supposed to analyze the suggested problem for the research from all sides in order to understand the aim of the investigation and the relevance of the issue.

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