Essay on Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is the research of cells that may or may not be able to replace or repair damaged cells.

There are a lot of reasons why stem cell research is important. Many people believe that stem cell research is wrong because of the way some of the research is conducted. Some people don’t even know what stem cell research is. It’s important for people to learn about and understand stem cell research. It’s a big part of our future as a human race. Stem cell research deals very closely with a few of the life processes.

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The life processes are movement, sensitivity, growth, feeding, respiration, excretion, and reproduction. Stem cell research deals with sensitivity, growth, and reproduction. Sensitivity is a part of stem cell research because researchers are constantly looking at how the body will react to the stem cells. It deals with growth because if we can perfect the use of stem cells we will have growth in the population. Reproduction is a huge part of stem cell research because it is the life process that deals the closest with stem cell research. Researchers are most fascinated with the umbilical cord for stem cells, which we know cannot be obtained without reproduction.

There are a lot of ethics involved with stem cell research. Though people are concerned about the way stem cell research is conducted, they also might be wondering about the growth in population that will occur if the use of stem cells is perfected. Stem cell research has the potential to fix abnormal cells. This will cause the population to rise a considerable amount, there will be fewer people dying every day. Though the population will rise, it won’t grow large enough to create a critical situation.

People also might be worried about the fairness of being able to afford stem cells. We all know that there is a price for everything, including good health. The most that we can do is hope that if the use of stem cells is perfected, it will be covered by insurances. Stem cell research is important, because it has the potential to cure a lot of different things like diabetes, blindness, maybe even leukemia and Fanconi anaemia! Researchers have done studies that show that if tissue cells are taken from the part of your eye that is the limbus they could be used to repair damage in your cornea. This would help people who suffer from blindness due to old age. Studies also show that if researchers can use induced pluripotent stem cells to generate brain cells, they could watch neurological disorders such as Down’s syndrome and Parkinson’s disease happen in a dish.

This would help them to find a cure for these neurological disorders. There are even facilities now that will freeze your baby’s umbilical cord so that if your child is ever faced with a problem that can be fixed with stem cells, they can use stem cells that the immune system won’t reject. One of these facilities is called Cord Banking Basics. Cord Banking Basics allows you to ask them any questions that you might have. They let you know exactly what you’re doing. They don’t do anything without your permission.

Having your baby’s umbilical cord frozen is a great way for you to get rid of any worries that you might have about your child. You know that when your child develops something that can be fixed by using stem cells you won’t have to worry about getting those stem cells. There are people who are against stem cell research because some of the research is conducted using aborted human embryos. Whether we choose to believe that this is wrong or right is based on our opinions of when the human life begins. When we look at this from a positive side we see that researchers are using these embryos instead of just throwing them away. The mother of the potential child has already decided to not go through with the pregnancy.

People who believe that human life begins when the egg is fertilized believe that this is wrong. It is important for more people to support stem cell research so that we can find more cures. We all know that the cure for cancer will not be found in a pill, or a food. We have to find other ways to cure these diseases and disorders that have ruled over us for ages. Stem cell research has the potential to cure these things. Studies have shown promising results, all that’s left for us to do is perfect the process.

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