Stem Cells Narrative Essay

Do you know what the best cell is? If you haven’t learned in your educational career about stem cells then you’re missing out on the best cell there is. That’s saying a lot considering there is an infinite amount of cells in the world and trillions of new ones are being created every day. A couple things these cells do are help in curing diseases and they generate healthy cells to replace diseased cells. But for those who don’t know what stem cells are don’t worry I’m not here to waste your time by writing this paper and making you read it, I’m here to show you how wonderful they really are. So let’s start with the basics, what is a stem cell? A stem cell is an undifferentiated cell of a multicellular organism that can give rise to infinite cells of the same type. Well I bet you thought that was all stem cells were but don’t worry there are three more types of stem cells that are all equally important.

The first type is unipotent which is a term applied to cells found in adult organisms, which means they’re capable of differentiating along only one lineage. The next one is multipotent and they give rise to a small number of different cells. The final version of a stem cell ispluripotent cells which give rise to any type of cell in the human body. These cells that are found in the body are typical in the organs and tissues. Now for the important part of this, why they’re important.

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Stem cells are quite wonderful they can make world peace, okay not really but they can still cure diseases that deeply impact our culture. Two of the miracles it can perform is aiding people with spinal cord injuries and help victims of a stroke by replacing diseased cells with healthy cells. Now there are two sides of how this is viewed, the right and the wrong ways. The government and president Obama have the right idea by issuing an order that allows research of these cells so they can hopefully cure the disorders that plague our country. Now the other side of the river thinks this is ethically incorrect because apparently it plays with god due to the fact new life is created and old life is cured. Now creating new life to save lives I think would be a win win for everyone so I don’t get how it’s playing with anything.

So to sum everything up stem cells are an amazing thing that was put on the earth. The researcher deserve all of the money they can get and the government should spend the taxpayers money on research and not welfare. I feel this way because stem cells can be used to cure disorders. they can also help fix birth defects at birth so children won’t have to deal with the bullying later on in their life. That’s what stem cells are and how beneficial they are to life.