Case Study on Child Marriage

Child Marriage Case Study:

Child marriage is the action which is characterized with the fact that a child (before the age of 16) gets married with someone. The practice of child marriage is supposed to be the controversial one.From the modern point of view child marriage is the weird action, because the child should play and learn but not get married especially with the grown up person. Form this ethical point of view child marriage is a completely negative phenomenon which is severely criticized in the Western world. In fact, the issue of child marriage should be observed in the cultural way.

There are many countries which treat this phenomenon naturally and think that the procedure is quite regular and no one suffers from it. The most obvious examples of the child marriages in the current time are related with the Eastern culture. In South East Asia the tradition is regular and the practice of child marriage does not astonish anyone. Muslim people support this tradition and practice it actively. Though the tradition is spread in Asia, it existed also in Europe several centuries ago. It is natural that the quality and length of life was shorter about three centuries ago and young girls got married regularly at the age of 13 and 15.

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With the run of time the issue became quite troublesome for the supporters of the human rights, especially the women’s rights (because the trouble touched upon young girls). Today the practice of child marriage is treated like the illegal and immoral one, because the child does not know what he or she is doing and very often such marriages are carried out involuntarily and it affects the human life negatively.Child marriage is a complicated topic for the research, because the student is supposed to observe the topic from the different points of view. One should remember that on the one hand the issue is unacceptable and on the other hand the student is obliged to respect the traditions of other people. The student’s task is to observe the case in the appropriate way and analyze the cause and effect of child marriage in the objective way paying attention to the child’s age and the attitude of the person towards the procedure.A case study requires the professional solution and accurate analysis of the problem.

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