A Case of Marriage

Marriage is the lawful union of persons in a mutual relationship. The definition of marriage varies within different cultures. However, in simple words marriage is an institution between two people who agree to be united. The institution of marriage, bases on individuals adding value to each other’s life as well as understanding each other in order to deal with challenges of life. Marriage is, therefore, believed to be one of the most esteemed institutions in human life.

The strength of marriage is significant with the realization of happy families. In the modern society, marriage has taken a different turn with a majority pulling out, and a remarkable few show the willingness to get married. In this line, court cases on marriage dissolutions have been on the increase (Zastrow and Ashman 28). Factors attributed to the rise of divorce, especially, in the western culture are numerous. A majority of people has different views on marriage, and those who still envy it push marriage to a later date.

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This is because; in their opinion marriage is a bondage that will prevent them from exploiting their full potential. A reliable number of the men opt for delayed marriages with the excuse of dating. While,in the real sense, they prefer cohabiting as it is cheaper and with little commitment than marriage which limits individuals. The alarming rise in case of divorces attributes to factors such as communication problems, financial instability, abuse, marital infidelity, incompatibility, sexual problems among many others.Communication is one of the key factors in every marriage.

When there is constant communication, the marriage is probably going to be stable and work out. However, when communication fails in marriage, the couple will experience difficulty in dealing with common issues that they can solve (Zastrow and Ashman 30). In the end, the unsolved differences will lead to separation. Communication is crucial before marriage, during the dating period, as it helps the couple appreciate one another, and they learn how to solve their differences. Abuse is becoming a significant cause in divorce cases. It may be in forms such as physical or emotional abuse.

Many people do not consider emotional abuse as a serious case, but it is among the most painful and hurting experiences in marriage (Sussman and Peterson 18). The unsolved differences are key factors that lead to abuse. Abuse may also come in the form of harsh language uused against the other partner, thus, giving them a terribly hard time in marriage. In extreme cases, abuse leads to separation and, therefore, divorce ensues. Financial status in marriage is a factor that determines whether the marriage stands or falls.

When couples are in a stable financial status, and communication between them is stable as well, money tends to unite the couples. In a case where one of the couples is misusing finance, complaints of irresponsibility will erupt. Misuse of funds could be through gambling or drugs; hence, creating differences between the couples (Peterson 10). In other cases, there are issues of undisclosed finances, unequal responsibility or even luck of financial support. When solutions to these financial issues are not found in the marriage, is likely to come to an end.

Incompatibility is referred to by almost all couples as the main reason for separation. Incompatibility may crop up in any form, when partners do not agree on common issues such as emotions, finance and sex. These issues might seem easy to deal with, but in reality, they are the main factors leading to increased divorce cases. After going through these differences, the couples lack confidence in each other and eventually part ways.