Case Study on Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers Case Study:

Child soldiers are the children who take the active part in the military conflicts. Child’s participation in the military conflicts has been practised since the ancient times.

In fact, in the medieval times fourteen-year-old boys played the role of the esquires who took care about their master, cleaned his weapon and protected the luggage and personal property of the knight. It is obvious that the participation of children did not make the opponent’s troops tolerate them and children suffered the same way as the grown-ups.The whole human history is built on the military conflicts whose victims were millions of children. The World War I and World War II were not the exceptions. Millions of children took the active part in the guerrilla actions and conflicts helping the regular troops on the battlefield and behind the enemy lines.Unfortunately, nowadays the problem of child soldiers still exists in the society, especially in the developing countries whose political and economic condition is not stable.

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Today the use of the child’s force is actively practised in numerous African and Asian countries and children become the victims of the military aggression on the battlefield. Naturally, the existence of child soldiers is supposed to be a crime in the international law. Numerous international organizations which protect children are disappointed with the involvement of children in war and demand to punish the commanders who recruit children for the military purposes.Such a serious topic as child soldiers is really worth attention, but students should devote much time to the research of this problem. If the student wants to cope with the difficult problem on child soldiers he should learn about the phenomenon in general in order to compare the results of the research with other cases on this topic. Students are asked to dwell on the cause of the problem, analyse the financial, political and social condition of the country where child soldiers are involved into the conflict.

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