Case Study on Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism Case Study:

Citizen journalism is the type of journalism which gained its popularity due to the development of the Internet and new technologies. With the help of a camera, mobile phone or another device which has the function of video recording the ‘citizen journalists’ shoot the interesting and important for the society moments and hurry up to upload these photos into the Internet in their blogs, social networks, etc. Very often the audience of such blogs is equal to the number of the audience of the regular printed mass media.Citizen journalism appeared in 2000-s with the development of the Internet and high technologies. For more than ten years citizen journalists collect and demonstrate such information, which has never been presented in the official mass media. It is obvious that a personal blog or the account in a social network is the ‘closer’ type of mass media than the official newspapers or TV channels, because a blog has a quality of an informal and friendly source of information.

There is no censorship in blogs and very often the facts are presented as they are in the objective way, while the TV and a governmental newspaper can filter the information and present it from the favourable point of view. Citizen journalism is not a professional occupation, that is why the ‘journalists’ are not interested in the alteration of the facts and show them in the appropriate way.As a result the modern mass media face the problem of the loss of auditorium, because more and more people start to believe the independent ‘citizen journalists’ than to the official media which filter and censor their information seriously.Citizen journalism is the brand new type of the independent journalism which appeared due to the development of the technologies. When the student wants to present much information about the issue of citizen journalism, he should dwell on the general side of the problem and then focus on the direct case of citizen journalism analyzing the case in detail. It is important to study the problem from all sides and get to know the source of the information posted in a blog, the attitude of the general public towards it and find out whether this information was demonstrated in the official press or television.

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