How to write and Article for journalism

How to Write an Article for Journalism Ingredients A dash of creativity Two winks of determination A dollop of writing abilities A harvest full of repetition An empire of procrastination One bandwagon Two crates of content Two interviews One Master Journalist Two Senior Editors One Masterpiece ONe droplet of poor photography Each week begins with coming up with an article topic. On Monday, think of what you could write in the topic sign up sheet, but don’t write it down.

Tuesdays are meaningless. Instead of beginning on your structure, do something else for a different class or add a galaxy of nothingness and an empire of procrastination. Wednesdays are panic days. You must either decide on a topic or bandwagon on someone else’s. Thursday is the official beginning of writing your article.

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You will need a couple things done by 11:59. Add two interviews, a dash of creativity, two links of determination, and a dollop of writing ability. Now you should have a paragraph and two people you think of interview Friday is the big day. The last day to write. If you have still yet to come up with a topic, add a dash of repetition to your blank document. That could include sports news no one understands, the same online game over and over that only you understand, trends that die within a week, or school field trips people can’t even apply for anymore Begin the day by interviewing two people about your topic After, copy their words onto the bottom of the document to be used as quotes, if you want.

Or don’t Now comes the most important part. Using the dollop of writing ability used on Thursday, write 2 crates full of content in your article Once the article is complete, have the Master Journalist edit your masterpiece, and change it into her own. Add one droplet of poor photography into your article, then you are almost done Send the links to your masterpiece to the “Senior Editors” who aren’t seniors and really don’t edit. If anything they should be called “Junior Uploaders”. Once sent, your masterpiece will be uploaded in 1-50 days.