Case Study on Civil Law

Civil Law Case Study:

Civil law is the branch of law which regulates the processes, which are supposed to maintain the interests of an individual and the society in the whole.

Civil law is very important for the regular functioning of the country, because the law controls all the spheres of human life, protects an individual and the process of his self-development. Moreover, civil law protects groups of people, companies and maintains their public and private interests. In comparison with the criminal law, which focuses on the punishment and maintenance of peace and regular behaviour and activity, civil law dwells on the creation of the convenient opportunities for everyone to build his own life properly and remain in the healthy and natural relation with the society. The civil law regulates the social processes, sets the rules and norms of the valid existence in the society. The history of civil law dates back to the times of the Roman Empire, when the law was developed to the highest level.At that time civil law served to establish the norms and standards which regulated the status of an individual in the society, family relations, private issues and duties of every citizen of the country.

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Nowadays, the civil law generally uses the heredity of the Romans, though the law was improved effectively to conform to the changes in the economic, political and social life. Today the majority of countries try to create a democratic society and the core principle of civil law is the equity of all the people before the law.Civil law is the most important branch of law, because it regulates the structure and functioning of the human society. People receive rights but have duties, they are free to develop their skills and knowledge but they are all equal before the law if the commit a crime. In order to prepare a civil law case study students are asked to learn about the general information about the civil law to understand its principles and aspects.

If one realises the importance and field of influence of the civil law, he is able to research an individual case related with it, find about the cause and effect of the problem and try to solve it according to the norms of the civil law.It is difficult to analyse the definite cases on civil law, especially if there is no experience in this activity. Fortunately, students have the opportunity to use a free example case study of civil law organized by the experts in this field. Reading a free sample case study on civil law one can learn about the research approach to such questions, the correct structure and format of the text and the whole paper.