Civil Case

The plaintiff had been married to the defendant for three years and they had a very happy marriage during their first year of marriage. However, things changed during their second year when the husband went back to college to further his studies. The plaintiff was not happy with the idea but since there was need for his husband, the defendant to seek promotion at work, reluctantly let him back to college. During the spell, the wife was diagnosed with mild stroke and needed immediate medical attention.

She paid for it but the husband partially withdrew from her. She later realized after sometime that her husband was not as caring as he was during their first year of marriage. She confronted her husband and though he did not deny that he withdrawn from her, he showed his discontent with her medical history. After a month, things worsened and despite financially supporting the husband financially during his studies, he showed no regard to her efforts, taking into account of her medical difficulties. Though the disease posed no more threat after the quick medical attention, she was not as strong as she was before.

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After sometime, her friend from college came to her and explained how her husband was having an affair with another lady at the campus. She at first thought it was not true but from what had transpired since her illness, she borrowed the idea of the widely-known ‘Cheaters’ forumto ascertain the allegations. After a month of investigation, the program gave their verdict. They called her at two in the morning and wanted her to go to a hotel that her husband was staying during the studies. The records were all broad for everyone to see. He was truly having an affair and was caught on camera having ‘passionate’ sex with his girlfriend.

She was very furious and demanded to know why he had betrayed their marriage vows. He defended himself that he was afraid that her condition would recur and kill her leaving him alone. She was even more furious and talked to her attorney about it. She wanted an absolute divorce and advised the attorney to file. The case was filed on 9th January 2012 and is still active.