Civil War Argument

The civil war was started and was all about slavery.

I am here to prove that Roger K. Broxton is wrong on his claim that the Civil War was founded on taxes is wrong. While president Lincoln never specifically stated that the war was about slavery, there are many undertones and small clues that show that the war was fought about slavery. The south had a big reason to fight as they wanted to keep their slaves and the north wanted to abolish slavery. While the north and south had other arguing opinions about small things, slavery was the only thing that could have pushed the two countries into a war. Broxtons first claim about how the war was fought about slavery is that President lincoln lever said that the Civil war was about freeing the slaves.

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While Lincoln never stated in any of his addresses on the Civil War that the war intended to free the slaves, he created and passed laws during the war that went against what slavery and helped eventually free the slaves. He also passed laws that let the former slaves join the Union army and take other high ranking positions such as a mayor or congressman. Another one of Broxtons claims is that fort sumter was a tax collection facility. There is no evidence that fort sumter was used as a tax collection facility while there is plenty of first hand witnesses and other forms of information that fort sumter was a military base and that the confederate attacked the base on terms of war. The reason that the south attacked the base was to oppose President Lincoln’s law that banned the south to own slaves and let the former slaves join the union army.

One of Broxtons final arguments that the Civil war was fought about taxes and not slavery is that the reasons that the lower states seceded from the union was because of laws passed against the lower states that imposed unfair taxes. There were never taxes imposed on the lower states that weren’t also imposed on the northern and border states. The states seceded from the union since the north was fighting to abolish slavery and the southern states needed slavery since they didn’t want to do their own work and slaves were a part of their culture. In conclusion, the Civil war was fought about slavery and not taxes. Broxton tried to convince many people lies about the Civil war and its causes since he is a leader of a confederate group and he doesn’t appreciate the customs that are in practice today.

All of the reasons that he gave for the war being fought over slavery are false as they are all focused around the abolition and/or defense of slavery and the reasons have all been proven wrong. The Civil war was fought on slavery and not taxes.