Civil War Essay

The Civil War was the bloodiest war in American history. It was about slavery, but one author claims that it was all about taxes.

That author is wrong and I will prove it false by explaining many reasons why. Some reasons are that the Civil War was to abolish slavery, keep the United States together, and just all out disagreement between the North and the South. First, the author, Roger Broxton, is totally wrong in thinking that the Civil War was about taxes because it wasn’t. The war was fought because of slavery. The North, also known as the Union, was against slavery and wanted to abolish it.

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However, the South, also known as the Confederacy, wanted slavery because they housed most of the cotton plantations in their land. This caused an extreme amount of tension between the North and the South, leading to a bloody war. Next, the Civil War was also about keeping the United States together. Lincoln never wanted the war to happen, especially not about slavery, but he knew that it was going to happen no matter what. That’s why he made the war more about keeping the entire Union together.

However, the South seceded from the United States and became the Confederacy. Lincoln was outraged and just wanted to bring everyone back together as one country, just like the Founding Fathers wanted. Additionally, the Civil War was fought because of many other disagreements between the North and the South. The South wanted to defend slavery because they thought that it was the right thing. The people of the North wanted to preserve the Union, as well as help end slavery. Because of this, there were border states that were part of the Union that had slaves.

The Union was alright with this because they just wanted to keep everyone as a part of the United States of America. There were many other disagreements as well between the North and the South, but that was the main one. In conclusion, the Civil War was about slavery and not taxes. Abraham Lincoln never wanted to fight in the first place, but knew something had to be done to try to keep the Union together. There was a lot of disagreement between the North and the South during this time, as well as people trying to keep the U.

S. together and others trying to tear it apart. All in all, the Civil War was fought to abolish slavery and keep the Union together.