This is Civil. This is War.

My name is Maggie, I live in the North of today’s America, and I am a proud supporter of my troops.

We are going to win this war, and I can tell you the reasons. We are seventy percent of the country, obviously the vast majority of territory, soldiers, and land is ours. And if that’s not enough there’s more. We also own ninety percent of all factories, seventy percent of all railroad lines, and sixty six percent of all non-cash crops are grown on our farmlands. Which we have more of than the south. We can, and will, defeat the south, and victory will be ours.

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Today I traveled to Washington D.C, home of our very own Abe Lincoln. It was a hot summer day, mid- July, I brought a picnic basket, and enjoyed this “Little Rebellion” alongside the company of my family and closest friends. Those southerners are cheaters, getting Great Britain to help them, no wonder they haven’t crumbled under the pressure of our mighty advantages yet, they’ve had outside help. Well now let us see what happens, the North will reign triumphant.

Eighteen sixty four has been an interesting year for all of us here at home. Grant took over our troops, which I think could ultimately lead us to a victory that will be remembered for years to come. We’ve heard wind about a magic gun that is going to take us to the top, musket, I believe it was called. But anyways, Lincoln was reelected, good thing too, man’s a genius. We wouldn’t have been able to keep the south away for as long as we have if it wasn’t for him, but now Sherman is bringing them and they are ready for an all out war.

But we are too, and un-like them, we’re ready to win one. Everyone has now surrendered from the war, and our president was murdered. It is the end of an era of death, beginning with the aroma of death still fresh in our nostrils. We Northerners came to win, and in my opinion we did. It was a bloody battle, and it had to end at some point. But in the end who really shed more blood on the battlefield? Who do you think?