Railroads During the Civil War

The 1850’s had seemed enormous growth in the railroad industry as well as wars in which by 1861, there was a total of 31,600 mile of track in America.

The civil war was the first war which railroad was a major factor from the great rail centers of Atlanta to Richmond. The civil war consisted of the union and confederacy fighting for there were issues with slavery. With these railroads during the civil war it affected Americans for it was a path to new technology and a way to improve attacks in war.In the sources, “Railroads of the Confederacy”, “Railroads in the Civil War”, and “America’s Civil War” (articles) to “Civil War Railroads” and “Railroads Critical Role in the Civil War” (books) hold historic railroads true in life and literature for railroads have been shown by structure, significance to the army, its differences between North and South and its idols in which showed its disadvantage and advantage. The railroads had a role in the civil war which brought civilization in different ways but in all, history was needed to compare the past and make improvement to the society lived in today for it isknowledgeable . To begin with, there was a certain structure of the railroads.

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To organize how the trains traveled in certain directions by how their map went to stop at the most important rail centers and transporting areas on goods , even when the union troops tried to stop the confederacy from creating the better by burning down their well built ideas , they still didn’t give up and continued to create better ways of travel by knowing their surroundings. First of all, therailroads consisted of few bridges which were used to cross major waterways; some of these bridges included are the High bridge and London Bridge.These bridges lowered death rates for drowning and inspired them to start building trestles which were like bridges but did not cross waterways but instead large areas of land. Secondly, they built some transcontinental railroads which helped them move by continent in which lead to many railroads on geological features. For example, in the article, “Railroads in the Civil War”, it says, “Of course the CP had a much more difficult journey attempting to build a rail line through two mountain ranges, the Sierras and Rockies”.

This proves that the railroads in the civil war had to make structures like tunnels to help keep a strong format for geological features tried to stop them with their new ideas of travel. Lastly, the railroads in the civil war built many routes in the north to major areas for supply and civil war tactics which helped protect them with interference with dangerous people or area. For example , in the book , “Civil War Railroads” , it says , “The Northern Pacific Railway , financed by banker Jay Cooke , also began construction during the decade in 1864 , workingon a northern route between Lake Superior at Puluth , Minnesota and Seattle , Washington on the Puget Sound .” This shows that these regions were fairly easy to build locomotive cars since there was a powerful guide . In all, the structure of how it was ridden on maps and new ways of stopping trains with spikes for example made it easier for this technology to ride around states and different climate areas which made the civilizations more closer to each other as a country. Railroads had significance towards the army during the Civil war.

First of all, it was a logistical support for it inspired people to create underground railroads that were very hidden those union troops has no idea of which helped the army and slaves. For example , in the article , “America’s Civil War” , it says, “People like Harriet Tubman helped free American slaves with underground railroads when it was night till dawn so the no Southerners would catch them and punish them.”This describes how underground railroads created a secret hideout for confederacy troops to plan their next attack and freed slaves during the war which benefited their war for it was proof that they were on the way to no more slavery .Next, the trains were good use for the storage of weapons for the army. For example, in the book, “Railroads Critical Role in the Civil War”, it says, “Because they supplied the units that were on campaign, railroads were often major objectives- and army without supplies cannot operate long.” This shows that locomotives helped carry supplies that were too heavy in long distances which helped them survive so it better knows that everything worth having never comes easy but a challenge so solutions were made when trains got cargos andmore space.

Lastly, the railroads were used for protection and battle tactics in the civil war. For example, in the article, “Railroads of the Confederacy”, it says, “Freight trains might also deceive and enemy. A train might run back and forth into an area, tricking scouts into reporting that the enemy was reinforcing his position, when in fact he was leaving.”This proves the cleverness of the use of locomotives for it saved lives by tricking their ways to victory which improved the battle tactics used today for the strongest weapon used was the head not weapon since it’s what controlled everything. Despite these heroic actions made with the locomotives, it showed us how knowledge unfolded for Americans which created more creative strategies that are still used today for the way union troops were tricked upon.

Furthermore, there are differences between the North and South railroads. The North and South had a few similarities since there were often wars from the union since slavery was taken in different perspectives. First of all , since the civil war was going on , there was more effort put in the Northern tracks, For example , in the article , “Railroads in The Civil War” , it says , “Unfortunately for the South, 21,300 miles of this trackage ,or about 70% was concentrated in the North east and Midwest leaving the region with only 9,022 miles.”This proves that the North had more track to help support in the civil war so, the South had less because its uses were not very significant except for transporting cotton which these trains only were expected to transport goods but later it was realized that it can be used for transportation for humans and war tactics Secondly, the North’s track had more effort put in, in which made it stable and stronger unlike South which was weak. Even though some of the track was burnt by the Union, the tracks were repaired more frequently and cared for since they were significant towards the civil war and valuable goods. Lastly, the North used railroads, for war while the South used it for production transportation.

For example, in the book, “Civil War Railroads”, it says, “The Southern railroads, before the war, had imported iron from England. Once the war began the Union blockade of the Atlantic and Golf ports were very effective in shutting off that supply.” This proves that the South railroads were weaker since there was less defense unlike the North in which it traveled up materials to help with the North until the enemy side takes over the railroads since the confederacy troops were up North.To sum up, even though there were differences in the way built for these two sides, it helped our civilization grow its population and economy for it informed others that America is gold but with more of the freedom and justice, the better America will be as a whole since that was an obstacle throughout its history which was affective. There are many famous idols of which helped improve and create railroads to inspire others. Since back then only men were able to make significant decisions, they took steps to their dreams by helping civilians offer their helping hand by constructing and planning.

The first man which was also president at the time is Abraham Lincoln for the long supported these railroads and helped give it a moving force in the efforts to span the continent with the rails. Lincoln signed the Pacific Railroad Bill in July of 1862 that put the federal government behind the transcontinental project and was a lawyer for some of the reputation- building work on the behalf of railroad. Next, there was Herman Haupt who helped much of the initial groundwork and efficiency of the Military Railroads and the Construction Corps. For example, in the book “Railroads Critical Role in the Civil War”, it says, “Haupts reputation as an engineer was well-known and in early1862 he was summoned to Washington by Secretary of War Stanton to ally in reconstruction and operation of the rail lines”. This is a significant influence for this man dedicated his life to create better technology for the future to come which revolutionized military transportation..

Lastly, there was Daniel Craig McCallum who helped direct the railroads in the civil war to prevent the union troops with interfering the trains and telegraph lines. Not only did he complete and fulfilled actions like these but he also may have been the man who created the organization chart which impacted how people today analyze and break down information. For example, in the article, “Railroads of the Confederacy”, it says, “He had sweeping power to take over any railroad or railroad equipment need to transport troops or military supplies, but managed to operate the necessary lines with but little friction.” There is significance in this role model as proven for he has shown success by organizing and making the railroad operation more efficient, helping and saving others lives. To conclude, these actions took by role models impacted civilizations to convince them that America is not done, it has a room of improvement and that person can be you by just discovering and doing more but better.

In conclusion, the railroads have expressed its power and knowledge by creating a critical role in the civil war. Its great knowing that even when there was the deadliest was going on yet, the room of creation has just begun for big things come from small beginnings. It has described its steady structure that inspired us into how a railroads format goes by today and helped save numerous lives of Americans by the battle tactics with locomotives towards the Union troops. It has also shown the deep differences between the uses of the civil war railroads in the North & South by creating a boundary of significant, caring and inspirational people to make a change .Americans may believethat trains caused more issues than its benefits but the true fact is that it helped America continue its journey which is a great symbol .A true iron horse (transcontinental trains) lies in the palm of development andis freed by an open hand of absorbing guidance.