Case Study on Client Server Computing

Client Server Computing Case Study:

Client server computing is the process of the creation of the special architectural patterns which maintain the functioning of the varied networks and connection of their components. The major components of client server computing are: the sets of servers which are the sources of information for everyone who applies for their help; the sets of clients, which take advantage of the services of servers; the networks which maintain the constant and quality connection between clients and servers and their interrelation. The client/server architecture is quite interesting, because clients and servers are not connected with anything; they function independently from one another. The client can use the services of different servers; they can use the one server but have no idea about the existence of the other one. The server is not bound with the client and can serve for a great number of clients simultaneously.

The client is able to apply for the services of various servers and possess no idea about the existence about other clients. The model of client server computing is defined according to the distribution of the duties of clients and servers. There are three levels of operations: the level of presentation of the information (the user’s interface and the server’s set of commands); the application level (the processing of the information); the level of data management (data storage and the access to the information). The history of the creation client/server architecture dates back to the 1960-ies and 1970-ies when the development of the Internet and computer networks found its birth. Since that time client server computing has been developing with constant alterations and improvement.Client server computing is the important activity which enables the regular functioning of the Internet and the student is able to analyze the problem in the appropriate way.

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The aim of a case study is to teach the student to observe the issue professionally and solve the problem of the definite case successfully. One should pay attention to the cause and effect of the problem which has occurred with client server computing and focus on the solution of the matter with the help of the reliable and valid methods. The success of the case study depends on the quality of the chosen solution.When the case study becomes a problem, the student is able to solve his troubles with the help of the Internet and a free example case study on client server computing prepared by an expert. It is wise to look through a free sample case study on client server computing in order to see the right norms of formatting, composition of the chapters of the paper and the right choice of the methods for the research.