Server-side and Client-side

JavaScript is versatile, scripting language software that developers use to enhance interactivity and functionality of software applications. Since its creation, JavaScript has become an integral tool for developers interested in developing rich applications that either use server-side or client-side scripts developers write in JavaScript (Flanagan, 2011). Developers now understand how to produce software applications that use JavaScript to accomplish functions and interactivity either user JavaScript code residing on a server or a client. Server-side and Client-side JavaScript codes have different use, but they both underline the use of JavaScript in application development. Application developers use client-side JavaScript to achieve behaviors such as form validation and math functions on the client side such as a browser (Rodger, 2011). For instance, JavaScript function can help determine if a user has filled all fields in a form before he sends the form.

Without this functionality, the server will have to return an error for the blank field. In addition, JavaScript running on a client-side can also help perform calculations without the help of a server, which improve how software works. All client-side code resides on client software such as browsers. Conversely, server-side JavaScript allows applications to link to servers, which can store databases or files (Herron, 2011). This functionality is significant because users often require some records in a database and not an entire database.

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Consequently, server-side JavaScript enables applications to read and write data on a database with ease. Developers who use server-side JavaScript house their script in the cloud from where they run. In conclusion, client-side JavaScript run on browsers and helps perform functions such as form validation or mathematical calculation. Server-side JavaScript also simplifies database or file access in the cloud. These applications make JavaScript a robust scripting tool.