Case Study on Computer Ethics

Computer Ethics Case Study:

Computer ethics is a discipline that studies behavior of human beings who use computers in their everyday life. Naturally, computer ethics is a young discipline that appeared in 1980s and its methodology and principles are still developing. The term “computer ethics” is a synonym of more exact terms, like information ethics or cyber ethics. Computer ethics is an interdisciplinary study that observes a range of ethical, philosophical, social, juridical, political, psychological and technical issues.

It is possible to define a few classes of problems that are analyzed in the field of computer ethics. First, there is development of moral rules and norms for users and professionals whose work is connected with the use of computers. Secondly, there are problems connected with protection of intellectual property and confidentiality of all users who utilize computers for work and entertainment. Thirdly, there are problems related with crimes that are committed in the sphere of IT.Computer ethics is becoming more and more important nowadays, because computers play the leading roles in our life.

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People use computers for everything, so it is important to set a few norms and rules that will regulate computer exploitation properly. There are several principles of computer ethics. The first one is privacy. People have the right to keep their data in confidentiality and maintain privacy of their life. Then, it is accuracy. Users have to follow all instructions accurately and develop fair and responsible attitude towards their work.

Next, it is property. People have to respect intellectual property and avoid stealing information that does not belong to them from the Internet. Finally, it is accessibility. Everyone has the right to gain access to information in any part of the world and any time.Computer ethics is a good subject for research if you are interested in IT and law. You are able to complete a well-structured and informative case study if you analyze your problem well and plan the process of writing wisely.

You should start from the detailed explanation of the meaning of computer ethics, its relevance and usefulness. Moreover, you should define its main principles. It is smart to research cause and effect of any problems that occur within computer ethics and provide readers with professional solutions and conclusions.If you are a novice student, you will have troubles with case study writing. This process requires deep knowledge, patience and analytical thinking skills.

It is easy to get to know about the process of writing if you use the Internet for your advantage. It is reasonable to read a free university case study example on computer ethics and email and borrow a few ideas generated by an experienced and multitasking writer.