Case Study on Deforestation in the Amazon

Deforestation in the Amazon Case Study:

Deforestation in the Amazon is the process of destruction of the valuable Amazon forest for the various needs, mainly for agriculture and housing. The process of deforestation started many years ago, but its impact on the natural environment was not quite visible. The highest rates of deforestation started in 1970s after the building of roads, especially Trans-Amazonian highway, which united the parts of the continent. The most obvious reasons of deforestation were the lack of the territories for pasture for cattle and the lack of territories required for agriculture and production of soya beans. Moreover, Amazon rainforest has been actively cut down for the release of the territories for housing, as the population growth in the 20th century has its active start. Next, deforestation is caused by the need of wood for various purposes (for example, production of paper, furniture, etc), road works (the road chain is being increased and it affects the forests negatively), etc.

It is quite obvious that the biggest areas have been logged down for the creation of the space for cattle and production of soya beans used for feeding the cattle and for the human purposes. It is obvious that the problem of deforestation in the Amazon bothers the whole world, because the rainforests are the biggest producers of oxygen and they are the home for millions of species of animals and plants. In order to protect rainforests from logging numerous organizations work hard criticizing the production made from the rainforest wood, propagate the healthy way of life and healthy food consumption and vegetarianism (as vast territories are cut down for pasture and food for cattle).Deforestation in the Amazon is the serious problem which causes harm to the natural environment, so numerous efforts have to be taken to reduce the annual logging of forests and restoration of the territories of forests with the help of the process of reforestation. The student is asked to dwell on the major elements of deforestation in the Amazon and find out about the cause of the process and evaluate its effect on the environment.

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