Deforestation Case Study

Case Study on Deforestation:

Deforestation is the uncontrolled cutting down of forests for various purposes, for example to receive vast territories for pasture, settlements, roads, etc. Deforestation occurs when the forests are cut down but the new trees are not planted and the process of reforestation is not conducted.Deforestation can occur because of different factors: the natural and anthropological ones.

The natural factors are quite obvious: flood, acid rain, fire, etc. In fact, anthropological factors are more evident, because they are much more intensive. The process of deforestation started long ago, when people started to use wood for various purposes, especially building, although nobody spoke about the danger and negative impact of deforestation till the 20th century. During the two world wars vast territories of forests were cut down for the military purposes, so in the post war period the question of deforestation appeared. The problem of deforestation is extremely important, because it touches upon everyone.

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Trees are the single producers of oxygen, which is used for breathing. Without oxygen the life on the planet would be impossible, that is why it is essential to stop the process of deforestation. Deforestation not only affects the ecological situation on the planet and human health badly, but also causes a serious problem of the extinction of biological species. Millions of species of animals, birds, plants are under the threat of extinction because they lose their natural home – forest. There are numerous international organizations and international acts which are aimed to protect forests from cutting down, but these measures are not effective enough to achieve this goal, that is why the problem still requires urgent solutions.If a student is asked to analyze the topic of deforestation deeply, he will have to learn about it as much as possible.

One is supposed to study the case and the problem which has occurred there in order to get familiar with the situation in general. After that he is supposed to collect enough reliable information, which can be helpful for the research. It is important to find the cause of the problem and evaluate its consequences in order to present the topic from all sides. Finally, the student should summarize the paper well and suggest his own alternative solutions to the problem.When the assignment of a case study causes problems, the Internet is the best way out.

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