Case Study on Natural Selection

Natural Selection Case Study:

Natural selection is the major evolutionary process, which is characterized with the increase of the number of the individuals of the certain species which are supposed to be strong and prepared for the changes of the natural environment, so that they have the higher chance to survive. In the modern point of view natural selection is the main factor which develops the organism’s adaptation to the changes of the natural environment and improvement of the health and physical characteristics of the organisms. The natural selection is the single reasonable reason of adaptation but not the single reason of evolution. The latter is also caused by the genes’ alterations and mutations. The term ‘natural selection’ was introduced by Charles Darwin, who compared the natural selection to the artificial selection of species. He just defined that both processes are aimed at the change of the characteristics of species, but natural selection gives the chance for the strongest organisms to survive, making them better and less vulnerable and as a result closer to perfection.

The artificial selection practised by the human being is not connected with the category of perfection, because people select the species with the very categories and characteristics they require for their household, food industry, etc.The mechanism of the natural selection is quite easy. Only the strong organisms manage to survive continuing the breeding of their species. Organisms produce more children than can survive, because more than a half of the children will not manage to stand the challenges of the cruel environment. The organisms which have survived will share their genes with their offspring, which will be more used to the chosen area and will have higher chances to survive.

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Natural selection is the important issue related with evolution. The student who devotes time to research the case on natural selection is supposed to investigate the general aspects of the topic, study the nature of the selection, the factors which cause it and the consequences of the selection. It is wise to pay attention to the historical development of species and analyze the information objectively. While researching the case the student should study the chosen species of the organisms, their qualities and characteristic features and define the area where they live, the danger they face and the qualities required for the survival. In addition, one should predict the further process of the natural selection of the chosen species.

In order to cope with a case study the student is supposed to apply for the help of the Internet and read a good free example case study on natural selection composed by an expert. The major advantage of a free sample case study on natural selection is the ability to borrow the structure of the paper and the right manner of writing and the methodology used for the analysis.