Natural Selection

How natural selection is operating in human populations in today’s worldNatural selection is straightforward when explaining it in theory. However, it is tricky to document how natural selection operates in humans. All the same, natural selection plays a major role in today’s world in the lives of humans. This is especially because of the high competition owing to the increased population and scarcity of resources globally. This is the case mostly in urban areas where the occupations are industrial society all fighting for survival using the same available resources (Mark, 2006).

In economics, natural selection plays an equally important role. The survival in urban areas has been mainly in search of adequate shelter, clean water, adequate food, and medical insurance. These resources are very scarce resources in urban societies because the areas are over populated and everyone needs to survive (Williams, 1992). The people in urban areas are finding it difficult to live a single day in urban areas. Barely do people in underdeveloped countries survive on less than a dollar in a day making it a fight to survive in the midst of these struggles (Mark, 2006).Unemployment is on the increase in today’s world.

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Even with the establishment of many jobs following an industrialization process, there are still high rates of unemployment. More to the survival is the fact that more people continue to migrate in the urban areas in search of greener pastures thereby creating a competition in jobs both skilled and unskilled jobs in today’s world (Mark, 2006).With the competition in mind, everyone is struggling to fit to the competitive environment by equipping himself with the necessary survival tools including higher education and learning extra skills to outdo the others and win in the competitive environment for a better survival in today’s world (Mark, 2006).