Case Study on Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder Case Study:

The personalities can be totally different. They can be of different age, sex, nationality, character, moral values, intelligence, and level of education and treat the same situations and problem completely differently. The main reasons of this disorder are the strong stress, emotional exhaustion, and emotional abuse in childhood, sexual, emotional and physical violence in childhood.

Dissociative identity disorder is the example of the strong resist of the human psychics against the negative impact of the natural and social environment. When the emotional pressure is very high, the organism simply stops reacting to it and such resist in the form of the disorder appears. The person starts treating the pressure not herself but from the point of view of the third side (or one of the personalities of the patient). This resisting reaction is very important and helps the patient to survive.Dissociative identity disorder is a serious disorder which provokes many questions, so a student who will have to write a case study on the topic should study the problem profoundly.

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One should know that the disorder has nothing to do with schizophrenia and a student should understand the key difference between them. A good case study is supposed to be informative, interesting and answer all the important questions which can explain the topic well. One should devote much time to collect data on the case and find out about the reasons which caused the disorder (one should study the life of the patient; learn about his childhood, stress, etc.) and analyze the effect or the consequences of the problem on the life and health of the patient.In order to succeed in case study writing one should catch the idea of the proper way writing of such a paper.

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