Case Study on Panic Disorder

Panic Disorder Case Study:

Panic disorder is a psychological disorder which is characterized with the spontaneous panic attacks the frequency of which rates from several times per year to several times per day.Moreover, the patient is waiting for these attacks because he feels that they occur soon. Every patient who suffers from panic disorder survives numerous episodes of intensive and strong anxiety – attacks of panic. Attacks of panic continue generally no more than 10 minutes, though there are cases when they last a minute or two and sometimes up to 30 minutes and the feeling of anxiety can last approximately one hour. The attacks can differ according to their symptoms and also they can include the stable set of symptoms: tachycardia, sweating, dizziness, shortness of breath, tremor, experience of the uncontrollable fear, etc. A great percent of patients suffers from the attacks every week and sometimes several times a week.

It is quite obvious that panic disorder and its attacks influence the human social life negatively, because many an employee who suffers from the disorder is observed by his co-workers, they would try to ignore him. He same problem touches upon students, who are neglected by their mates. Fortunately, many patients do not have serious visual consequences of the attacks and their social life suffers less. The most common targets of panic disorder are young people, grownups and children have the disorder rarely. Panic disorder can be cured with the help of different methods. First of all there are special therapies with the psychologist who tries to discover the cause of the problem and cures it with the help of conversations and exercises.

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Finally, there are special drugs which can cure certain cases of the disorder in two weeks.Panic disorder is the interesting topic for the analysis, because one should study the reasons of the problem and its effect on the social life and understand the appropriate solution of this problem. The young professional can prepare a worthy case study if he learns about the origin of the disorder, its types and applies the knowledge on the definite case suggested by the professor. The student should observe the case from all sides and solve the problem well brainstorming the most effective therapies of the treatment of the panic disorder of the definite patient.A perfect case study can be completed with the assistance of the Internet, because the student is able to find a free example case study on panic disorder CBT there written by the experienced writer. It is a plus to use a free sample case study on panic disorder with agoraphobia and recognize the most appropriate way of formatting and composition of the paper.