Case Study on Financial Markets

Financial Markets Case Study:

Financial market is the system of economic relations which occurs in the process of the exchange of the economic values under the mediation of money. There are many processes which occur on the financial markets: mobilization of the capital, crediting, currency exchange, involvement of the finance in the process of production, etc. The complexity of the financial markets which are followed by the factors of supply and demand, lenders and borrowers form the global financial market.Historically, two major models of financial markets have originated: bank based financial system or the continental one and market based financial system or the English-American one.

The continental financial markets are focused on the major involvement of banks into the process of financing and the second English-American system is focused on the market of obligations, shares, investments, ensuring companies, investment funds, etc. English-American system dwells on the public storage of the securities and the high level of the development of the secondary market, which is larger than the European one.In the end of the 20th – beginning of the 21st century European financial markets have been gradually transferring according to the examples of the English-American system and it is characterized with integration, cooperation of the markets. Financial market is divided into the capital market (the market of shares, obligations, etc), money market, the market of derivatives, foreign exchange market, etc.Financial market is a serious and thought provoking topic which is worth student’s attention. The issue is very important, because economics is a complicated system which consists of numerous components.

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Financial markets are the parts of the system and one should know about their structure, functions, principles of functioning, strong and weak sides. When there is the assignment about financial markets, the student is supposed to dwell on the definite problem suggested in the case and devote as much attention and time to its research as possible. The student is supposed to research the cause and effect of the case, study the factors which have caused the situation or problem on the financial markets, evaluate the effects of the problem and solve the case professionally.The process of case study writing is a big trouble for the majority of students, because they do not know about the right norms and standards of writing, the sensible research approach and the correct technical organization of the text. Luckily, everyone is able to take advantage of a free example case study on financial markets and institutions prepared by the experienced writer. With the help of a free sample case study on financial markets the student can find answers to all the questions related with the process of writing and formatting of the paper.