Case Study on Forgiveness

Forgiveness Case Study:

Forgiveness is the stop of the feeling of offence, anger or hatred towards the person, who has committed a crime and done something bad. The victim of the negative action is able to forgive the offender for his deeds and stop demanding punishment for him.Forgiveness is the complicated intellectual action which is characterized with the understanding of the offense, its nature, the behaviour of the offender and his motives in order to release from the negative feeling of revenge and anger. Forgiveness is possible only due to the human ability to analyze things logically and rationally. Only when the victim analyzes the harmful action scrupulously, she would be able to understand the cause of the problem and will feel nothing more than pity towards the criminal.

Forgiveness is the important issue in the field of philosophy and theology. Nearly every dominant religious has forgiveness as one of its major principles and every religious person understands this feeling well and works hard to reach to this inner balance and peace. Forgiveness is the important issue from the point of view of psychology, because the individual becomes emotionally stronger when he forgives someone and it can change the life for the better. Forgiveness is very important for criminals who require it in order to get rid of the feelings of guilt which affect the human psychics negatively. Very often the lack of forgiveness affects the criminal stronger than the strictest punishment and imprisonment.

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Forgiveness can be observed from various points of view and every point is worth specific attention and individual approach.Forgiveness is the important issue for the research and the student has a broad field of opportunities and variants for the research, because the matter can be analyzed from the side of different disciplines. The best way to observe the case about forgiveness is to study the problem in detail and learn about the participants of the conflict or their abstract types. after that one is able to find out about the cause of the problem or offense and its effect on the victim and then think about the issue of forgiveness and the possibility of its application. The student should brainstorm a successful solution to the problem of forgiveness and prove that he has developed his knowledge and professional skills.A case study is quite a troublesome assignment which can be written with the help of the Internet and a free example case study on forgiveness analyzed and designed by an expert.

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