Case Study on Friendship

Friendship Case Study:

Friendship is the relation between people, which is based on love, respect, trust, sincerity, common interests and hobbies. The most important characteristics of friendship are mutuality, trust and patience. It is obvious that friendship is probably the most valuable thing in the world, because if several people are connected with the common interests, respect, mutuality and trust, it can be more important than love.Close friends are those who are ready to help in difficult situation, support and share the happy and sorrow moments.

Friendship is a psychological phenomenon, which is based on the attitude towards other people. If people survive some complicated moments together, they become connected spiritually and they most often become friends. It is not so easy to become a good friend, because if one simply knows somebody and spends time with him, he is called a mate but not a friend. The latter term is deeper and has more varied meaning. There are a few factors which are required for the development of friendship: sympathy, rapport, openness, sincerity, unselfishness, trust, common interests and the common worldview and values. Friendship is a complicated phenomenon, which is often compared with love.

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There are numerous prejudices which are connected with the term of friendship, for example, that the real true friendship can occur only between men or that friendship between men and women is impossible. In spite of the fact, that friendship is unselfish, friends always have certain benefits from one another in the form of help, advice, support, etc.Friendship is one of the most essential requirements people have. Everyone wants to have a friend, because a human being is a social creature, who require company, communication and understanding and a friend is the person one can trust to. When the student is offered to prepare friendship case study, he should improve his knowledge about the phenomenon, its forms, aspects, traits and functions. The definite case of friendship can touch upon various issues: friendship in the real life, friendship of the outstanding people, friendship in literature, cinema, art, etc.

The case based on friendship should have the cause and effect sections, research of the issue and solution of the problem which has occurred there.Case study writing can be a problem for students, because the assignment has various complicated moments and requirements. Fortunately, the Internet is able to provide everyone with a well-formatted free example case study on friendship which would be helpful in the solution of the problem of composition of the paper and analysis of the topic. It is sensible to follow the instructions of a free sample case study on friendship written by an expert and prepare a logical and well-structured paper yourself.