Friendship. Sociology

Rough waters ahead, horrible puns and drama rock the boat. Hard truths, and sad stories spray the ship.

Rocky shores, and a lighthouse attempts to help lead it along. Rocks will be avoided, bridges will be build. It’s an analogy for Friendship. Sociology. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a social behavior within a species, and with humans, intelligent interaction with our own kind. Friends can be loyal, or fickle.

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We can be backstabbed, rejected, or anything in between. Friendship isn’t easy…but neither is life.If we look into a more scientific view of friendship, we bond with the amygdala, the part of the brain that help us identify and react to socioemotional cues. Humans adapted to interact with other to survive, and as time went on, just like other mammals. Friend or foe, we always apply a subconscious filter to the people we meet, and decide, determined by appearance, goals of both persons, and other gathered information on the person.

We tend to lean towards people that we relate to, Artists lean to artists, athletes to athletes, et cetera. Extroverts form friends easily, and enjoy interacting with other humans on a daily basis…Introverts, however, tend to shy away from people and interact only with their close network of family members and friends, and there are people who don’t fall into these two categories, those who are a mixture of an introvert, and extrovert.How do you make good friendships? It’s really simple, really. Commit to being happy, and to make both yourself, and them happy as much as you can. If your both miserable constantly, then it’s just not a good friendship. Don’t sacrifice your principles for someone.

You believe in what you do, and they believe in what they do. Respect each other’s opinions, and you two (or three, or four, or five…) will be happy. Make sure they’re a good influence on you, and you’re a good influence on them. They should push you to be your best (vice versa), not your worst.We will be forgotten. Fact.

Three trillion years, and everything will end. Interaction between all species will be forgotten and fade into blackness…nothingness. That, however, doesn’t mean that the interaction between humans is useless. Friendships are actually quite useful in life, with it brings a joyful, healthier life that helps you thrive in life. Without it, sometimes it can bring on health problems and loneliness.

Friends, even though they come and go, are a part of daily life, and without them, we wouldn’t even thrive and be healthy, productive people.