Case Study in Sociology

Begging used to be a last resort. For older Filipino generations, there is too much pride at stake. But now mendicancy has become a way of life for some, and a substitute for official employment.

Some beggars have gone to the lengths of developing Intricate tactics and techniques. Gone are the days In which you might have seen a blind person playing guitar while appreciative spectators parted ways after leaving a few coins. Many beggars now resort to acting, and even use infants as props. There are those who pretend to be mute, and hand out pieces of paper asking for alms.

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Some tell stories that they need o buy medicine for hospitalized relatives.

Also common are children suddenly appearing in between traffic stops to quickly clean the windshields of vehicles or climb inside public utility jeepers and wipe the shoes of passengers before asking for money. Among ethnic tribes, the Giorgio used to travel to Manila during Yuletide season. With crude Instruments at hand, they would go from house to house entertaining people with their traditional dance In hopes that people would be kind enough to give them some money. Later they were replaced by the Etas, who began begging after the Met.

Pinpoint eruption in 1991 which displaced them from their homes. Nowadays the largest ethnic groups to have succumbed to mendicancy are the Bad]ass from Mindanao, also referred to as Assam and sea gypsies.

There many problems that a mendicancy have which they consider as how they become a mendicant. These are the following problems: If they prone of using drugs. There times that when there house was burned and no one help them. If they have a mental disorder. If they have no family left that will support them in their lives. They become a mendicant because of poverty.

Those are the following problems of mendicancy which they have, to them it’s not easy to be mendicancy, but because of poverty whether they like it or not, they engage this life for the sake of survival, then they really don’t lost hope that those problem will resolved and all of them will have a better life. It is important to study or understand the problem of the mendicant the fact that it is their way of living; it is how they survive. Through this study the researchers will be able to understand the nature of the problem which is relevant in coming up with solution.

This case study focused to the essentialist of the mendicancy. The objectives of this study is to understand the problem and come up with a great solution and to initiate some steps like programs that will encourage the mendicancy, give them strength, and perseverance to continue what they are now. For this will lead them to have a better future or a better life despite of having such humble occupation.

Methodology Our group conducted a far-reaching research all about Bad people specifically, their way of life.

First we gathered information through internet and from existing publications, books, Journals and articles to study in order to study Badlands profile. The information were supported and validated through on-site interview conducted at Badlands Community located at some places in baby city. Our group meets the bad and interviewed them about how they become mendicancy. We interview them one on one and then we gathered the data or the results of our interview.

Then we give some recommendation about it. STUDY Mendicancy is known in our country because of many people who begging some none so Tanat teeny can Duty T s to eat. E statues Tanat some people or ten Adagio become a mendicant because of some problems like drugs, problems in family and especially poverty. In this study we know that those people live by Just begging some money and most of them are not educated as we interview them they tell us that they don’t want to be mendicants but they have no choice because of the status they have in our society so in terms of doing something to have Job, the only thing they do was finding places that they can ask some money to buy food in order to survive