Chapter 16 of Sociology Book

They think of themselves just like the male/female couple down the road from them; forever they are not treated that way. With this being said, they feel that they should have the right to marry, Just like male/female couples, I think that their advantage may be that going to a different country or even area, people are not going to be able to judge as fast on their relationship, and the fact that they may be able to find other couples like them to share fun times with.

I believe that with any relationship that there are feelings that all people won’t agree with your relationship; however at the end of the day It’s their “union” to be able to decide what is best. As far as their values as well, I think that moving into a different country I hope that they would do some research to ensure that they would even be able to live together. With the interactions view, they state that when father figures are In a children’s life, that they do have less behavioral Issues growing up.

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I think that the more that same sex couples engage with other people the better.

If you are interacting with people that are not necessarily 100 percent like you people begin to gain additional respect for people like this. The second choice that I made was number five which Is the parents of a indicated child and the mother obtained a court order. This one I feel has a lot of meaning because this kind of situation happens daily within families. I think that abuse does in general, however when it involves a handicapped child, this is a very serious matter.

I think that family values that people have ultimately stem from their parents, and the mother In this situation Is only doing what’s best for the child.

You know we all talk about the bad stuff that happens when parents divorce but why should a child have to go through abuse because the parents want to try and stay getter? The mother will and would be able to find someone that would legitimately want to help her with her child. The father doesn’t deserve to see the child, let alone with his past.

The sociological problems I think would stem more from the dad, because he was the one abusing their child. I think that the mother definitely did the right thing, and will be able to get all the support that she needs to be able to provide to the handicapped child. People are right there to judge in life, however in this situation it is not fair to all of them to have to go through that.

Being together with someone in a relationship is not supposed to hurt or have abuse. I am taking the feminist view on this topic.

I think this fits the best because she will be a single mom taking care of a handicapped child. There is that stipulation called “women’s work” however within the current years it has even broadened into 1 OFF taking care AT parents as well. I nee state Tanat Selene mother Tamales Walt no male adult is present do have issues and a cause of concern, however a perfect example for me is really how many single moms don’t have guy friends that spend time with heir kids, or their own father that could step in and be there to talk.

Times have definitely changed in the last 20 years, and I do not feel that there would be an issue if there was a male around. I can see if there was not a male present at all. Also, with this being said, most recently they have even proven that more women are not making more than men, and with that being said, there would be a better chance that the child would have a better life obviously 100 percent without having to deal with the abuse from the father.