Case Study on Ganga Action Plan

Ganga Action Plan Case Study:

Ganga is one of the longest rivers in the world and has length more than 2500 km. It is the river which is extremely important for India, because supplies people with water resources and has cultural and traditional value, as people connect their life with the river greatly.

The river runs through 23 big cities and 48 smaller towns, so it does not worth mentioning that water pollution is enormous there. The cities pore millions of tons of all the industrial wastes into Ganga, which cause numerous diseases, epidemics and reduce the quality of people’s life. When the situation was too close to the critical one, the states of India decided to combine their efforts to reduce the impact of a human being on the river and make it at least a bit cleaner. There are many projects and methods which are supposed to purify Ganga, but without the active participation of all the states of the country Ganga Action Plan will not be effective. The most reasonable and effective solutions are: to reduce the amount of the industrial wastes with the help of the secial filters and improved sewage systems which will not let all the domestic and industrial wastes come into Ganga.

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Besides, special services monitor the quality of the water in the river to make sure pollution does not rise.Ganga Action Plan is one of the numerous documents which are aimed to protect the environment and reduce pollution. Students who are asked to cope with the case study will need to read the document attentively to realize its key points, priorities, structure and the expected results. The document is quite long, so one will need to spend much time reading and analyzing it. After that it is possible to research the case itself. It is positive to read periodicals which mention the problem and collect data for the analysis with their help.

One should investigate the case site, analyze the reasons of the problem (which is based on the pollution of Ganga) and then research the consequences of the problem and think over the possible ways out which can improve the situation.Evidently, it is difficult to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of documents and to value their importance. Besides it is not easy to prepare a well-organized case study on the topics based on the documents successfully. Every student will surely require a well-analyzed free example case study on Ganga Action Plan prepared by an experienced writer in the Internet. Such papers teach students focus their attention on the key points of the paper and make its proper structure and format.

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