Case Study on Idea Generation

Idea Generation Case Study:

Idea generation is the process of brainstorming reasonable ideas, decisions, which can play the important part in the solution of the certain problem. Idea generation is the natural process and it is the integral part of the activity of the human mind aimed at the solution of problems, innovations in the particular spheres, etc. Idea is a basic element of the work of mind and it demonstrates the human consciousness, active position and longing for the constant development and improvement.It is obvious that idea generation is not simply the ability to make random ideas about the abstract topics, it is something deeper. It can be compared with the well-developed skill characterized with the ability to brainstorm the adequate solutions to the relevant problems which bother the person at the definite moment. Idea generation is a complicated process which requires many years of constant training, because one is able to make his mind work hard and intensively only due to the constant practice and improvement of knowledge and experience.

Idea generation is practised in such spheres as education (students are trained to take the rapid decisions, analyze things quickly); science (it is impossible to research a complicated and serious scientific matter without the idea generation which is aimed to solve the controversial and difficult issues with the novice technologies and innovations); politics, philosophy (such a deep discipline exists only due to the activity of the bright minds which generate wise ideas about the most important issues of the world around); computer technology (computers resemble the human mind which solve millions of complicated tasks at a moment’s notice).Idea generation is the important issue which is worth student’s attention. The young professional has the chance to research the problem on idea generation from all sides and understand how the human psychology and environment influence the process of generating brilliant ideas. One should dwell on the mechanism of idea generation, the factors which influence it, the spheres where it is required, etc. The student should research the case in the right way collecting information about the problem, analyzing the cause and effect of the problem and solving the problem in the appropriate way.Nearly every student has problems with the process of case study writing, because the assignment is a specific one and has numerous controversial aspects.

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