Idea Google Case study

Where would our world be without Google? I think that we have no idea just how many times a day we rely on Google to give us an answer. As a student the constant asking where to find information. Consumers that enjoy watching Youth are also supporting Google. I know that with attending school online tend to use Google frequently.

Also use Youth to explain something more in depth to me if I am not understanding something. Every single day millions of people are using this search engine.

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Personally, I prefer it to other search engines, maybe because they have en around so long, or maybe because I usually find what I need when I search for something. It Is very easy to use and seems to be very efficient. Google Is such a unique company. In 1996, when the company was created by two students from Stanford, there was nothing else like it.

The idea that searching the relationship between websites was far more effective than the number of times a key term was used. From this Idea Google was born. In 2000 the website was big enough to move from their dorm rooms to an office.

They started selling advertising to companies and therefore started making a profit. Companies were allowed to pay by “click”, or owe many times an ad was viewed.

Google was originally called googol. This was a math term for 100 zeros after one. Making this known that the search engine had an immense amount of information available. They then changed it to Google. Google is so widely known that It is considered “the world’s most powerful brand.

“Google employs more than 20,000 people and generates revenue of more than 21 billion in annual revenues. That Is a very large company!

It is crazy to think that all of this started In a dorm room. Google has adopted some philosophies over the years. One big idea is that there is always more information out there. This may be the biggest force driving the company. Without that theory Google would have never been so big.

Also, to focus on the user and the rest will follow. Online advertising has allowed companies to view every dollar spent on advertising. They can see what has been effective and what has not. They can tell if they need a pay by “click” option or maybe a banner advertisement.

Google has developed Pageant that shows where your company is on search results. The competition to be on the first search page is what drives companies to advertise more or to be selective on the search words they pick.

My husband owns a millions and construction business. They worked with a marketing director on getting on the first page of Google for a product they offer. It took some time but a small business like ours comes up when you type In arch casing. This was the key word that most other businesses do not use.

This was a huge step for our business and it has led to many out of state sales and generated ample revenue. Google provides even the smallest of businesses to advertise and have a chance for their company to be seen.

That is why they are the leaders in search advertising. How can less advertising be preferred to more advertising? People do not Just want any ad thrown at them. If the ads are concentrated in certain areas we are actually looking for them. Commercials tend to be a little 1 OFF annually so tens search engine marketing seems to De a good Tort AT averting.

Sergey Bring, Google co-founder, says “It’s like the search-matching people with information they want. It Just happens to be promotional.

” If someone is searching a vacation, then there may be some kind of tour you may see advertised. Everyone else does not need to see the advertisement so it is only going to those in search of the product. This will not be shown everywhere, but only where it is needed. This advertising is showing less is more. It will be effective for reaching the consumer and also paying for less advertising and yet still reaching your target audience.

There are many types of online advertising today.

There is search advertising, display advertising, classified, referral, and email advertising Just to name a few. Search Advertising (aka Pay-per-click Advertising) when a potential customer is searching a product and ad appears for what is being searched. This allows advertisers to target those who are in the market for what they sell. This is also very effective because you are only paying when someone clicks your ad. I find this to be a very smart move in advertising.

If you want to make sure that people who are interested in your products are going to see the advertising, then what better to achieve this goal? Google has also developed two online tools to help with advertising.

There is Towards, a program that helps target your market at a specific time. You can create ad text, select target keywords, and manage accounts. The text ads receive a much higher “click-through” rate than ads that are not targeted. A major advantage to Towards is that both large and small businesses can use this option. It puts companies alongside with Fortune 1000 companies.

There is no limit to the keywords that can be used. The Towards allows for cost effective advertising with the cost- per-click model. Advertisers can get their ad out from impressions but only has to pay when it is clicked on. Another program is Deceased, this allows businesses a tool for placing next to weapon content rather than next to search results. Google uses the same practice of matching ads to websites as it does to matching ads with search words or requests. Deceased is being used to increase its display advertising.

Its other competitors are Yahoo! ND Being they can put ads on their own websites. Google has since purchased Youth and Double-click to have additional display ads. Google currently dominates search advertising and hopes to grow their business by improving their display advertising. Display advertising is the fastest growing advertising category. Google believes that they can grow there display advertising by making ads useful information instead of visual clutter. Billboards, posters, and fliers are probably the most common form of display advertising.

Google is trying to make it easy for anyone to create a display ad.

They are currently working on a new tool called Display Ad Builder. Ad Builder helps you create an ad for free. I think this may be the best deal of all. There are templates to choose from and updates are easy to manage. It is very professional looking.

They have also purchased other websites to provide more outlets for display ads. Google has a few other ideas to grow. They are considering taking business from U. S. TV industry. Google has recently helped Volvo develop a campaign on Youth.

They also plan to develop new websites and blobs. Another great idea for Google is through the smartness.

More than 1 billion phones are able to connect to the internet. I use my phone for everything and have it on me almost all the time. Just like every other person I rely on my phone . I Delve tens would De a smart move Tort Hymnal’ Google plans to keep expanding through the world.

There are already search results in 35 languages. They are determined to “organize the world’s information” and make it successful and useful. ” I personally always turn to Google for adverting and for search results. I believe that they are growing and changing every day to keep up tit our demands.