Case Study on Insomnia

Insomnia Case Study:

Insomnia is a sleep disorder which is characterized with the unsatisfactory quality and quantity of the period of sleeping.

People who are suffering from insomnia claim that they can not fall asleep even if they are tired. They can spend the whole night in a bed but are unable to fall asleep.Another problem is the quality of sleeping. Healthy people can sleep for a few hours and feel as if they have had a good rest, while the ones suffering from insomnia can not restore their energy even if they sleep all day long. There several symptoms of insomnia, which are mostly connected with stress: people complain on the inability to fall asleep quite often, they are always tired and because of poor sleeping the quality of their work during the day is very low.

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Evidently, the key factor, which causes insomnia, is constant stress.We live in the dynamic society and face the problem of stress every day. Everyone has problems which influence his mind differently. One of the most common effects of stress is insomnia and in order to get rid of it, one should get rid of stress and make his life slower and more peaceful. In order to reduce the impact of insomnia one should limit the consuming of such substances like coffee, tea, chocolate and cola; eat no later than three hours before going to bed; avoid daydreaming; avoid watching TV and playing computer games in bed. Finally, it is important to follow the personal daily time table and go to bed always at the same time.

Insomnia is a common problem today, because many people experience stress which is revealed in the form of inability to fall asleep. A high-quality insomnia case study is a profound research of the concrete case related to insomnia and a student has to analyze it well. Before the investigation of the case every student should learn the general facts about the problem and only then he is ready to interview the patient, study the sources and research the suggested problem. A student should define the reasons which caused insomnia in a patient, find out about his lifestyle, family life and occupation. After that it is possible to value the difficulty of the case and offer some good ways out of the problem.

It is quite problematic to compose an effective case study on the suggested topic, because some students do not know how the paper should look like and what methods are appropriate for the research of the problem. So, a good free sample case study on insomnia prepared by a professional writer in the Internet is often the best way out. One can borrow a range of the useful paper writing ideas just having read a well-organized free example case study on insomnia in the web.