Case Study on International Arbitration

International Arbitration Case Study:

International arbitration is the method of resolution of conflicts which occur between several countries by the third people who do not belong to any of the two sides of the conflict and the solution is considered to the objective one. International arbitration touches upon a great number of issues – financial, commercial and political problems and relations between countries. It is obvious, that it is impossible to survive for the country it does not have any connections with the surrounding world, but these contacts often carry numerous problems – political and economic ones.

When there are certain problems between the countries on the highest political level, the conflict or misunderstanding is most often solved with the help of international arbitration, the staff of which is selected form the reputed representatives from different countries. Obviously, that international arbitration is more focused on the commercial issues, as countries carry out international trade and when there are conflicts between the firms or big corporations belonging to different states, the problem is resolved by international arbitration. The growing popularity of international arbitration can be explained in the simplest way. It does not worth mentioning that the government of the country will protect and support its home firm by all means, so if two parties can not reach the agreement, they require the third party which will solve the problem objectively. Moreover, if there is a commercial problem inside the country, it is impossible to solve it objectively because of numerous subjective reasons; so many firms prefer solving their serious commercial issues with the help of international arbitration if they feel that the decision within their country is not the objective one.International arbitration is the way of commercial and political conflict resolution on the international level.

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