International Advertising Case Study

Case Study on International Advertising:

International advertising is the process of promoting goods and services to the target audience all over the world.

The primary aim of international advertising and its technologies is to maintain the contact between the target potential consumers from different parts of the world. Nowadays, with rapid process of globalization it has become obvious that international advertising is the most essential element of marketing among the majority of the biggest international corporations which function in numerous countries. It does not worth mentioning that the country which wants to improve its popularity and turn to the international markets should think about the new specific forms of advertising of its products. The biggest problem of international advertising is the lack of knowledge about the culture and way of life in other countries where the product is planned to be promoted.The advertiser will need to pay attention to the peculiarities of the culture, rules and norms of life in the host country before bringing the advertising company into practice.

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Naturally, the words, gestures and approach towards the product and its purpose which can be considered to be regular in one country, can be completely opposite in another one. There are cases when the success of the quality product failed just because of the improper advertising policy which was not accepted by the target audience of the country as the consumers did not understand the ad properly. International advertising is a complicated sphere which involves knowledge in numerous disciplines – sociology, cultural anthropology, economy, political sciences, etc. and the knowledge should be used for the appropriate development of the effective promoting strategies which attract attention of the target audience of different countries with the different cultural background.International advertising is the complex of strategies aimed at the increasing of the popularity of the product all over the world relying on the knowledge if the cultural peculiarities of the different nations all over the world.

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